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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Someone Put Me on Craigslist! Episode: 1.07

I feel so cool. I was just informed that there's a post about Assistant/Atlas on the LA craigslist-- and it was a RAVE! As a one-time craigslist addict myself, I must admit a large amount of pride at being publicly praised in such a great forum. And by great, I mean totally crazied out-- but in that good, quirky way.
We'll see what that does for my newly-launched tower advertisements, which is also a great way for me to count the traffic, which I'd been curious about. Also, it means I can make money off this blog. How great is that? I started this thing to save the last shreds of my sanity and now I could get money from it? The Internet is so f***ing sweet.

I'd love you--all of you--forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome, A/A. Keep up the good work. Oh, and good luck with your ads, I promise I'll click 'em from time to time.

5:54 PM


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