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Saturday, October 29, 2005

LA Bloggers On Scary Movies/Me On My Costume

Dude, sweet! Everyone- scurry on over to see this post on Dude.Man.Phat. This is the perfect post for you if you're wanting to rent some scary movies on Halloween. Personally, I'll be attending Halloween festivities with Famke [her costume: hot, hot pirate] and the roomie [his costume: actively-decaying undead- he knows a monster make-up/prosthetics guy] and probably some other friends in West Hollywood to check it out for awhile and then probably back to a bar near either of our places.

As we discussed my possible costume ideas, I complained to the roomie that I hated being cold in my Halloween costume. So he suggested I try and think of a warm costume.

Atlas: "What like an Eskimo?"
The Roomie: "Uh, sure. Yeah. Or a sherpa."
Atlas: "As funny as the costume was on Willow, I dunno, it just doesn't seem. . .original enough. Or funny enough."
The Roomie: "Maybe you could be like a certain kind of Eskimo, like a Inuit or something."
Atlas: "Or like the Only Gay Eskimo."

At that point, my eyes went wide and the Roomie busted out laughing. And that was how this year's costume was born. See if you can spot me in WeHo if y'all come down. I'll be the Only Gay Eskimo. Unless some f*cker steals my costume. Then I'll probably be the Only Gay Eskimo with a girlfriend.

It scares you that I'm The Only Gay Eskimo, doesn't it, Katie?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Katie Holmes do a guest spot on One Tree Hill or something? What's the picture from, Atlas?

8:43 AM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

Chad Mike was on Dawson's. He was in a band I believe, and got Katie to sing Cheap Trick.

And Atlas, alas, it is now inexplicably a million degrees outside.

12:33 PM

Blogger london cokehead said...

Arrrhhh !! ... actively-decaying undead , how lovely ..

2:39 AM

Anonymous Randy said...

Just to give credit where credit is due, Only Gay Eskimo is not by Tenacious D, but rather by Corky and the Juice Pigs, a Canadian comedy/singing troupe.

3:44 PM


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