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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Boobs Are Old: 3.39

For a title, I almost went with: "Old People Like Love Hewitt's Rack". Anyway, Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show that no one really cares about except CBS has debuted to decent ratings, to the delight of Les Moonves. Moonves dumped "Joan of Arcadia" when its demographic skewed toward the Depends set and replaced it with Jennifer Love Hewitt talking to ghosts.

But back to her old, old boobies. Seriously, they're testing ancient. Apparently, confused CBS geriatrics, perhaps expecting to find perky Amber Tamblyn talking to God, are tuning in to and her ghost-detecting rack in astonishing numbers. Entertainment Weekly posted the average age of "The Ghost Whisperer" viewers and surprise, it's 88. Just kidding, it's actually 53. Which in demographic terms, is ancient.
J.L. Hewitt & the ladies.

So the median age is 53: that means for every viewer who is actually Hewitt's age [26 if you believe IMDB], there's one who is 80. Yes, that's right. Eighty years old. If Ghost Whisperer has a 13-year-old fan, it must then have one who's 93. God skews older than ghosts, huh Les?

Right now, Ghost Whisperer debuted to about the same good numbers that Joan did: roughly 10 million viewers, which is good for Friday. Joan slipped to about 8-8.5, if memory serves, by the end of the second season. Ghost Whisperer is trending down towards that a lot faster than Joan did, which held up pretty well until the middle of its second season. [which was also when the network started monkeying around with it in an effort to skew it younger] Anyway, at first appeared vindicated with his replacement decision, but is slowly starting to eat some crow as the show sinks lower and trends older.

So basically Moonves ended up canceling an Emmy-nominated show with decent ratings for one with about the same ratings and no chance in hell to get a nod, even a Golden Globe nod. Oopsies. Oh well, I'm sure "How I Met Your Mother" will get a couple, right? Right? Oh. Not even for Alyson Hannigan? No? It's that bad, huh? Oh. Well then.

The twin poles of Jennifer Love Hewitt: precocious school girls and old ladies on crack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're becoming a crappy wanna-be Defamer...

2:54 PM

Anonymous the_plot_thickens said...

Atlas may not be up to Lisanti's Gawker-quality standards, but he's better than Seth Abramovitch. And to my knowledge Atlas has an actual job, too.

4:45 PM

Blogger Grubber said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt reads this blog...go figure.

6:07 PM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

I really like How I Met Your Mother. For a multi-camera comedy? Pretty good. And Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious.

8:49 AM

Blogger Peggy Archer said...

Who's Seth Abramovitch?

Why is your word verification easier to read than mine?

So many questions...

9:43 AM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Peggy: Seth Abramovitch is the guest editor on Defamer while Mark Lisanti's off and away on vacation.
For the record, I think Seth's a nice change of pace, and I do like his much angrier, dirtier Feh blog as well--but I wouldn't want him to become Defamer's editor. Lisanti's on top of his game, in my opinion.

As for word verification, I dunno, yours looks okay to me.

9:15 PM

Blogger ronald33 said...

I heard report that there are
would-be strikers at CBS.

"Ghost Whisperer" seems to be
MUTATING into something STRANGE...

Though James van Praagh has an
excellent track record of his TV
shows,it does seem that this one
could indeed go the way of its
predecessor ("Joan of Arcadia")
but with a 2-year delay.

3:32 PM

Blogger Mark Avard Walsh said...

I'm just curious to know who the F--- YOU are to be making these statements about ratings & actors & actresses...get a life an Xbox 360 or something

7:59 AM

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