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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Celebrities Who Should Run For Office: 5.02

In honor of California's primary today/yesterday, I'd like to present a list. A list of Hollywood's finest folks who I think might make great political leaders someday. Look, if the Terminator can be Guvernator, then I don't see why some of these fine folks shouldn't take a shot at it.

Dennis Haysbert- We know the man can at least act presidential. Which is more than I can say for some Presidents.

George Clooney- Okay, he wouldn't make a good President. But why not a Senator or something? Surely, he's suave enough to represent Cauli-for-ni-ah in the Senate? Plus, he just seems to be getting more attractive to the womenfolk as he ages-- which bodes well for his getting elected. Doubleplus, his dad is a political figure in like, Kentucky or somewhere.

Al Franken- Supposedly, he moved to Minnesota to further his political career, in fact. But frankly, he's been serious enough about politics for long enough that I'm inclined to think he would do a pretty good job.

Sarah Michelle Gellar- If the Terminator can get elected, I don't see why an obviously superior character like Buffy Summers can't be. Plus, she'd be like Hillary, without the baggage and with just as fervent a fan base.

Jon Stewart- The Daily Show's host isn't going anywhere before 2008, but after that, who knows? He's managed to keep The Daily Show from skewing too far to the left, by skewering anyone and everyone who should be skewered. And he seems by all accounts to be a sensible, conscientious gentleman. On second thought, maybe he's not cut out for politics.

Angelina Jolie- When Jolie has finished securing humanity's genetic future, and starts to get fewer/crappier movie offers, her stint as UN ambassador should be a good launching point for a political career. Just imagine the international hotness goodwill that Secretary of State Angelina Jolie could bring. I guarantee America's public image will improve if she's the symbol of our foreign policy. Seriously, how could it not?
Spreading goodwill and happy feelings throughout the world.

As for the person who is my current front-runner for President 2008, here's Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

She Governs Like a Girl. And she can even make Republicans give up their evil ways.

On the other hand, a celebrity-led government isn't necessarily always better. Just imagine if we were dumb enough to elect some of the following people....

Celebrities Who Shouldn't Run For Office:
Warren Beatty- I'm so over Warren Beatty as a politician. And as an actor. And as a person.

Barbra Streisand- Babs, please, for the love of democracy, don't run for office. I'm afraid of what might happen- the legions of militant Jewish grandmothers you might mobilize.

Paris Hilton- [shudder]

Tim Robbins- Stick to acting. After all, you're good at it. Usually.


PS: If you're a political junkie, or want insight into the voting mind of a 20something Democrat, or just want to know who I voted for the major offices, here you go: Angelides, Speier, Bowen, Delgadillo, Bustamante, Marcy Winogard just to be a raging leftist, Jenny Oropeza, and finally, Yes and Yes on the propositions. Because rich people should pay for poor kids' preschool. They just should.


Blogger Grubber said...

You forgot Jessica Alba. Why, well if you have to look at a chattering mug spewing meaningless policy, it may as well look good in a bikini.

5:21 AM

Anonymous samuel said...

watch out for a franken run. unlike most of the people you listed, he's publicly considering one, and it isn't a joke. i think he's got the goods.

8:10 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Grubber: Unfortunately, Jessica Alba is dumb as a post. And not a political post.
Samuel: I know. Just layin' the groundwork as part of the liberal media conspiracy.

8:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a beauty Angelina offers us, I love her I wouldn't need Generic Viagra if she was my girlfriend I have to say that Brad is a lucky man!!

1:45 PM


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