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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not Gone, Just Out of the Country, Kinda

Sorry, kids, I know I've been gone forever and ever it seems. I'm sorry. I really am.

But apparently, I love my job more than I love you.

I know, it's harsh. But the thing is, my job gives me money and you don't. You cheap bastards.

So I'm focusing on that. And they've been jetting me around the world, which is nice. I'm a big fan of jetsetting, overall.

Sorta. You know how Canada can be. I do freaking love that country, man. It's like everyone's just kinda baked all the time.

And I've been writing a lot of material that you've been watching or reading, assuming you look at mainstream media sources anymore. Which is gratifying, but saps my will to write here. Plus, I'm not so creatively blocked anymore that this is my only outlet. Also gratifying, that.

Also, I've been doing a lot more drugs than I should be. (just pot, don't get too worried) I know, I know. Wasting my potential.

Thing is, not doing the drugs seems worse a lot of times than dealing with the politics of corporate life. Because the more executive-y you get, the more it becomes about politics instead of your actual occupation. How in the world GE or GM manages to get anything done at all is almost beyond my comprehension. Although I still hate GE.

Oh, and I think I got may have managed to actually get my much-hated superior fired. We'll see, though.

The Hollywood life is a crapshoot, baby, so you better hope Lady Luck doesn't point her a$$ in your direction.

But Chad Michael Murray still loves you. See? He made this himself, just for you.

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Blogger N said...

good to see you back -- keep blogging jetsetter!


7:07 PM

Anonymous DudeAsInCool said...

Haver the lady evicted to some gated community. And yes, we need more posts :)

1:55 PM


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