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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ten Best Entertainment-Related Blogs is ME!

Someone posted the following on Craiglist on Friday night-- AND I LOVE THEM. If it was you, email me and let me know so I can give you a big cyber-kiss. The best part is, look at my company. I'm up there with the famous Defamer, the fabulous Perez Hilton, sweetie-pie Megan at Overeducated and Underemployed, and the rest of these great, great blogs. I'll be adding all of them [the ones I don't have already] to my blog links list soon. God, I love recognition and validation.

Subject: Ten Best Entertainment Blogs on the Whole Entire Internet
Having done more than my fair share of surfing the Internet while not working this Friday [though, technically, I was at work]. I've also discovered that the predominant traits of ent. industry bloggers is that they're pathologically jaded, self-involved, quick to criticize and friggin' hilarious.

Now, keep in mind, Craigsters, I'm hoping you prove me wrong. What's out there that's better, bitches?

Here we go: "Defamer" As the title suggests, this blog does more than its fair share of defaming, digging inside, dirtying reputations, discussing, dishing and other d verbs. No 'D' theme is evident, but they are connected with 'blog celebrity' Wonkette. "Pop Culture Junkies" Easy access to news is nice about this one. Plus, good, consisently funny commentary. "Query Letters I Love" Confession: I'm a reader, so I think I may love this more than all the others. Fun bonus feature: Make your own comments on the scripts-- they're sometimes even funnier than the query letter itself. But only sometimes. "TVgasm" Be warned, you may just have any orgasm from laughing if you just idly scroll down the page. This one is pretty sweet-- and just had a birthday, for which there is the most hilarious picture. "Perez Hilton" [formerly Page Six Six Six] Celebrity-obsessed? Go here first. Perez is more celebrity-obsessed than you, and funnier, and has better contacts. Don't feel bad, he even has better gossip than the real Page Six.

Http:// "Overeducated and Underemployed" Simple but savvy. Oh, and I almost forgot-- hilarious. The writer of this blog, Megan, also has a ton of funny posts on the Query Letters blog of late. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Essentially, one woman's view from the inside. A very hot, sophisticated woman who happens to be a great blogger. If I had to date one of the people from one of these blogs, she would win, hands down. "Assistant/Atlas: Hollywood's Young Shoulders" This poor kid. Sometimes vicious [see next sentence], often funny and surprisingly smart view from the bottom of the ladder. Also, apparently going to be on KROQ's Kevin & Bean show for his "Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest". "Totally Unauthorized" Hard-working film crew member dating "Mr. Movie Star". I wanna find out what happens with the relationship, if nothing else. "Pop Culture Petri Dish" A little ranty sometimes [but hey, you're in RnR, you'll probably like that] but does live up to its goal of pop culture analysis-- that, thankfully, is often wryly funny.

Thanks, guys and gals at these blogs for making my day productive.

Oh, and hey, if you agree with my assessments, why not click "Best Of" so the whole world can know what we, the denizens of LA, choose as our faves? Just a thought. . .

[Atlas note: I totally clicked 'Best Of' like ten times-- you can, too!]


Blogger Peggy Archer said...

Wow - I'm on the list with you, Query Letters, and Defamer.


9:36 AM

Blogger Perez Hilton said...

Love ya honey!



11:01 PM

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