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Monday, May 09, 2005

Executive of the Week! [#5]

Who will it be this week? Well, Assistant/Atlas is ready to crown the fifth Executive of the Week, and it is. . .

Jon Eskenas of Orly-Adelson for tellin' it like it is. Jon, no 'h', is also no b.s. As you'll notice, this is a favorite feature of our execs of the week, along with 'hot forearms' [that's an inside joke for Ryan Colucci fans-- see Exec of the Week #3 post to see what the inside's all about], is the ability to tell it like it is.

What struck me about Jon [and I say struck, because, thanks to Sloane, I rarely speak with Jon anymore] is that he's almost unnecessarily honest. He'll actually say things like "I would love to do your script, but thanks to conditions at the lot. . ." and he'll then enumerate those conditions-- specifically referencing ones hurting your project. And you'll hang up the phone feeling more angry at the studio system than upset that a development person actually liked your project and yet couldn't do much with it.

With Jon, you'll actually feel like you know the real reason why your script didn't work, instead of the old, annoyingly unhelpful standard "We laughed, we cried, but it wasn't for us." But it's not just that he gives an actual reason. Oh, no. With Jon, you can actually hear that he's sorry things are the way they are, that he shares your anger at the absurdity of the situation, that while he may work for the Man, he is not one with the Man. And for that, Jon, I sincerely thank and congratulate you. Keep on keepin' on and I'm sure you'll be making Oscar contenders in no time [well, no much time].

More post action later today-- check back with Atlas! And in the meantime, support the "Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star" Contest. There will also be a contest update later today [hopefully, but Sloane-dependent].


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to poop on Ryan Colucci's Hollywood Star.
Seacrest out.
Colucci in.

5:04 PM

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