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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hey, if your boss tries to not give you the time to vote, you [in your biggest LOUD voice] tell him it's required by the Constitution of the United States!

He'll probably believe you and give you the time to vote. Let's hope so, 'cause dang, that Constitution needs updating.

And remember, Atlas endorses Antonio Villaraigosa and Flora Gil-Krisiloff. You're on your own for the propositions.

Oh-- and I've disabled the anonymous comment feature because I keep getting spammed. Sorry, but hey, if you're a hacker who hates spammers, I haven't been able to delete all of the spam comments. You could do something appropriately evil to them.


Blogger Peggy Archer said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

The big "V" wins!

2:52 PM


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