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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dear Entourage, Thank You For Getting Better: 2.27

Dear Entourage,

I'm sorry I gave you guys such a hard time in episode 2.12-- Dear HBO's Entourage, Please Get Better. I guess I was just a little angry then, ya know? But I wanted to say thanks for not being as disappointing as your first season. Aside from the perhaps the first two episodes this season, you've become a more involving and much funnier show. The banter and repartee among the guys has moved up from boring/self-involved to funny/snappy.

Oh, and thanks for bringing back Samaire Armstrong. The image of her walking down the steps at Lightstorm (never having been in those hallowed halls, I don't know if it was filmed there) was truly gorgeous. I feel in love with her all over again. Oh, Samaire. . . I hope someday I can be your arm candy.

Another thing I do like better is how every scene now seems to be set in a recognizeable LA location. If anything, that keeps me interested in going-- Oh! I recognize that place! And dear Entourage, you keep coming back to one of Atlas' favorite haunts-- the ever-trendy Urth Caffe. I like that, too.

Now, Entourage, you're still not perfect yet. You don't get me bouncing around the couch in quite the same way that Six Feet Under does (silent tear from Atlas for Six Feet Under's final season). So here's a helpful "To Do" List.


1) Stop screwing up Debi Mazar's character. She hasn't been nearly as funny this season, and I'm wondering if you're having a tough time working her into each episode. When in doubt, just give her the week off. Don't include her when the best joke you can give her is a lame Star-Jones-is-Fat joke. (on second thought, I do hate Star Jones) Mazar is at her best when she's telling off/making fun of Turtle, Ari and Drama (in that order)-- so make sure to use her only when she'll get to do this.

2) Enough with the stereotypes. Aren't gay people kinda pissed? First we get the lame gaysian assistant(Lloyd), then creepy hard-a$$ producer Wick becomes an ultra-pansy with a houseboy (although the houseboy's "you must mean my Daddy" line was funny). Also, the gaysian assistant needs to be funnier. Here's my idea: physical comedy. Remember the scene where they find out Cameron's directing Aquaman and Ari and Lloyd are dashing through the halls while Ari rattles off a list of people to call. How about right in the middle of that, Lloyd crashes over a plant, then jumps back to his feet, Ari gives him a funny Piven look and they both carry on like nothing happened. Trust me, it'd be funny-- physical comedy always is. And yes, while this would make Lloyd look like a bigger doofus, he could still be a good assistant. And isn't that better than just having Ari spout some off-the-wall homophobic comment to him every week?

3) Add more hot sex. In the most recent episode, Vince (Adrian Grenier) got it on with a hot technical director. It made me remember something-- Entourage is on HBO. And since Entourage's demographic seems to be teenage boys vicariously living their fantasies through the group (and I don't think I need to tell you how much teen guys like sex), you'd think it'd be a given to have more hot sex. Alas, it isn't so. Plus, sex can be hilarious, provided that there's some good writing behind it.

In conclusion, good job Entourage. You've turned me from a disappointed viewer into a pretty contented one. There are precious few shows that really improve in their second season, and I'm happy to report that you now make that short list. Now just work on that to-do list and we'll be in happy viewerland forever.

And since we work in a visual culture, here's the obligatory pretty picture:

Well, as pretty as I could find. Stupid Entourage pics keep disappearing on me.


Blogger Zija said...

drink life in with Zija:

11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap with the holiday weekend and, well, life, I'd forgotten about Entourage. But if you say it's gotten better well damnit, I'll give it another viewing.

11:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh, I wouldn't say the gay characters are too overly stereotyped, being that the show is set in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. The gay, powerful-producer-with-live-in-poolboy[s] is pretty common and true-to-life [Six Feet Under, set in LA, also has the same character]. Everyone in LA has heard a story [or 47] about some randy, rich dude in a mansion throwing a boys-only party that would make Caligula blush.

And actually, I'd say that the fact that the obligatory "gay" character on the show is Asian and not white, is decidedly un-sterotypical and pushes the envelope a bit. Although I do think that his "flounciness" could be brought down a couple of notches.

Also, the physical comedy bit seems like it would be dangerously close to a shuckin' and jivin', blackface kinda thing. I mean, why would the gay character tumble and fall out of the blue? Just cause he's gay? He always has his shit, and his composure, together, despite being Ari's assistant [which is a job very few could handle]. It wouldnt be funny or make sense, except in a "HAHA, look, the gay guy just fell on his ass. Silly faggot." sort of way.

-- JC

1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Entourage is a good series actually my friend who works in xlpharmacy was so amazing first time she watched the series, I think the same it has been one of the best series I've watched in my life.

2:11 PM


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