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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Get On The Global Frequency: 2.31

More on Atlas' meeting with Aliotta Fagina later. First, this. . .

Dear Lawyers for et al.

I'm really sorry I accidentally saw the pilot for the show your network didn't pick up. And about backing the whole BitTorrent of the show for like two days, I'm so sorry. You see, I left my computer running--with a virus on it that I didn't know about--and it accidentally did all that. Oopsie. I really tried to be upset by what I came to find out was piracy, I really did. Again, oopsie, sorry.

Dear WB Development People,

The thing is, I absolutely loved the pilot-- I really wish it was among your new fall shows. Of course, it's a little too late for that. But frankly, we both know that it's quite likely that most of your shows will fail and that certainly leaves plenty of time to start up Global Frequency as a midseason replacement. And it certainly has more buzz than a not-picked-up pilot has ever had, right? And remember the great crew behind it-- Mark Burnett, John Rogers, Diego Gutierrez, Ben Edlund, to name a few.

So sorry about the accidental piracy, I hope it won't ever happen again. But could you please produce some episodes? You know, since you own the pilot and have tv studios and everything? I'd be among the many people who'd really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

Yours truly,



It's a rare television pilot that manages to both entertain and involve the audience, intrigue us and leave us wanting more-- while simultaneously setting up a series that could last the magical, syndication-inducing five seasons. The WB-backed "Global Frequency" is one such pilot. But, Atlas, you say, I know the WB's new fall schedule by heart and "Global Frequency" isn't on it. Yes, I know. But it might be. You could make it happen.

If you haven't heard about " (or GF, as it is more acronym-ly known), you may not be as hip/wired/connected as you should be. But, please, allow your faithful Atlas a few more paragraphs to enlighten you.

Wired did an little article on it, which you can find here which should make it okay for mainstream publications like Entertainment Weekly, or hell, TIME [Time Warner is the parent of the WB weblet], to touch it. Plus, hello! Cool, involving backstory.

GF is based on a series of comic books/graphic novels and had the backing of some very fine luminaries-- not the least of whom is the intellectual giant over at Kung Fu Monkey, John Rogers. Seriously, awesomely smart. Others include the comic's writer Warren Ellis, and a darn fine production team led by Mark "I Will Snap Off Your Thumbs If I Have To" Burnett, Diego Gutierrez [Buffy] and Ben Edlund [Angel, The Tick], plus some people Atlas hasn't really heard of-- but I can write with certainty that they keep good company. Oh hey, Nelson McCormick [Alias] directed the pilot. That's cool, right? Who doesn't think Alias is an awesome show at this point?

Mark Burnett will snap off your thumbs--I'd play nice with him, WB.

What's the show (or the comic) about?

Essentially, "The Global Frequency" is an urban legend sprung to life, a sort of good SD-6, a NGO spy service-- the privately-run wired-Batcave-like creation of Miranda Zero, a mysterious ex-spy. "If you're the best at something, anything, we want you on the Global Frequency."

So say you're really good at being a Ho'wood assistant and there's an evil monster quietly devouring development execs, maybe the GF would recruit you to help one of its detectives-- or maybe just do PR work. Heh. Anyway. . .the GF is a collection of the best experts in every discipline, accessible through their nifty Global Frequency gizmophones, all connected through the Frequency, and through Aleph, Miranda Zero's right-hand techgrrrl. Each week, disaster will strike, and this thousands-strong team of scientists, detectives, ex-spies and everyday people, together, will avert it, usually without the public ever having even known. It's a sweet, sweet adaptation, supposedly very faithful to at least the spirit of the comic books. And hey, these are good, comic-friendly people. They won't screw it up over the term of the series-- they'll make it better and better.

Here's the beauty of the thing-- the pilot everyone's talking about is highly radioactive material [in the legal sense]. All the copies of it are pretty much illegal via torrents and such. But the message of GF is that when regular people work together, when they take matters into their own hands, when they work outside convention, they can make things happen. It's a tech-savvy show that unites the globe in a most excellent way. And now, appropriately, it might unite the bloggers and the hipster press, the geeks and the beauties, the savvy and the savage, in changing the course of popular culture.

Here's what savvy Frequency Site fans are doing, and I highly endorse their efforts:
1) E-mail Entertainment Weekly, that's EW is a Time-Warner company, and it's also one of the most highly-read entertainment mags out there. This is really our first recommendation. Beyond that, we can go from there.
2) E-mail the tech reporter of your local daily paper, or a gaming/tech magazine, and tell them the story of a TV show with a fan base that at this point only exists on P2P.
3) Drop by your favorite forums and spread the word! The more buzz, the better!

Here's what Atlas is recommending in addition to this:
4) Email Defamer. I guarantee you they'll love humiliating a weblet like the WB. That's

Also. . . you can look at this picture.

Above is Michelle Forbes, who plays Miranda Zero, the mysteriously hot founder of the Global Frequency.
Frankly, a lot of the show is her and her hot female assistant, played by Aimee Garcia, in a room, with a bunch of computers. Also frankly, that makes for some mighty good teevee because thinking about the two of them in a room, together, with me and a bunch of computers makes me a little horny. How's that for geek cachet, huh?


Now, in summation, I'm reaching out to my readers, to my fellow bloggers, to my peeps. Trust me on this, if we circumvent the normal pilot procedures, we could shake the very foundations of television development. Trust me, too, that that's a good thing.

For more on GF, check out or Kung Fu Monkey (set browsers to}
To find out more about Warren Ellis, who created the comic books upon which GF is based, that's
Search Technorati, to search for the latest global posts regarding GF.
Google also has a fine array of sources to get you started.
Assistant/Atlas is now on the Global Frequency. Are you?


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Hey kids. . .shhhh. . . torrentspy had it not long ago. I found it via a google link on the fifth page of a search on "Global Frequency". It's out there, you just have to look for it. Other sightings of the torrents are welcome to hide down here in my comments. (see, don't we like that anonymous comments feature?)

1:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Atlas, care to place odds on the WB picking up GF?

2:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

P2P is revolutionary? You don't say, Atlas. Still, this show's pilot is better than 90% of all pilots I've ever seen and the series has just as much potential (or more) as anything JJ Abrams could serve up. And I love me some JJ Abrams.

9:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, where's the meeting update A/A??

Hate to break with all the GF humping, but eh not really my kinda show. Good luck getting it picked up though.

and fo sho - Mark Burnett is one vicious son of a bitch. I'd watch out for that one WB.

11:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, couldn't Mark Burnett just make this happen with like, one call? Has anyone notified him that he does have a hit up his sleeve in GF?

12:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and Mark Burnett eats thumbs, and other digits, for breakfast. Along with V-8 and Special K. But he really likes thumbs better than any other 'fingers'. (he scoffs at fingers being 'fingers' as if it implies a sort of exclusion of the thumb when thumbs are in a league of their own-- it's humans vs. monkeys, people, and chimps don't do channel changers)

Watch your thumbs, WB. You've been warned.

That is all.

12:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the funniest and best writeups I've seen of the pilot. Eat this MPAA/WB: Go -- and get on the Frequency.

12:30 PM

Blogger MSTREDS said...

You can mobilize all the Trekkies too. Michelle Forbes played Ro Laren in a recurring role on Star Trek TNG. I am sure they can make something happen

1:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global Frequency is in the Top 10 Searches of Technorati-- and this post is right on top.

2:50 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Now that's how you do a Global Frequency, kids! Right on.
Getting Mark Burnett on the phone? Good idea-- you do it. No YOU do it. Erm, perhaps an email instead?

Get the Trekkies involved? Hey, I go nothing against nobody, and if it helps, then why not? Although, let's not let them lead the charge. I think WB execs might be allergic to them.

Remember-- this pilot IS worth fighting for. And besides, ain't this a hoot?

4:09 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

PS-- There will be some more "confessions of a disloyal assistant" featuring Aliotta Fagina, perhaps as early as tonight.

4:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I am pretty sure that GLOBAL FREQUENCY will be picked up. If not this fall, or as a mid season replacement, it will be in next years fall line-up. Tha is the word on the street anyway... ithey will revamp it a bit and then bring it back. So don't give up hope Atlas.

1:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That comment's definitely your best bet, Atlas, the "next year's [sic] fall line-up". Fortunately, I don't think Michelle Forbes, Aimee Garcia et al. will be tied up with major projects. But if the buzz starts getting big on this, well, we'll see if the WB is smart enough to lock 'em early. I guess that'd include John "Transformers" Rogers, and maybe the Buffy/Angel writers, too. Mark Burnett is always available to exec produce, that I'm sure. That man is the unsung Donald Trump of Threatening Producer-Types.

6:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, someone should call Mark Burnett on Monday and explain the hoopla. There is no stopping that man. Maybe Les Moonves could do it, maybe, but the chumps at the WB? I don't think so.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should get Mark Burnett's number for Atlas-- then he can use those assistant skills he's always talking about to get through to him. Plus, a conversation with Mark Burnett [or his assistant] would probably be hilarious.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God. Atlas. You must call Mark Burnett and tell us what happens. Please? I would be so wonderfully amused. Please?

12:59 AM

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