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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Time Does the Music Start?

Famke: "What time is it?"
Atlas: "Like, just after seven."
Famke: "Oh."
Atlas: "Why?"
Famke: "KCRW doesn't start playing music until seven-thirty, I think."
Atlas: "Oh."

KCRW is the best radio station in Los Angeles. Period. Support it by listening and sponsoring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, KCRW!

10:32 PM

Anonymous McNasty said...

Yeah, KCRW is great. Check out "Let's Get Lost" on Thursday nights (midnight - 3am). Since I've been staying up later and later (studying for school), I've had a chance to listen to it. Great studying music for late night/early morning. "Nocturna" with Raul Campos is off the hook, but my favorite block is "Chocolate City" with Garth Trinidad. I wish it came on every night like it used to...

11:41 AM


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