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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Best Weekend Tidbits for Your Vicarious Enjoyment: 2.34

Well, there's precious few execs left to praise, so the Assistant/Atlas Executive of the Week is left to flail while its evil doppelganger, Asstastic Executive of the Week lines up candidates with room to spare. Argh.

So I'm the executive of the effing week. And if you don't like it, tough sh*t.


Because I've managed to snag a series of interviews with the best agencies in the biz from whom it looks like I'll have my pick while simultaneously throwing off a psychotically nosy boss and maintaining a sizzling relationship. Oh man, it sizzles hotter than Diary of a London Cokehead's Mistress.

Take this test to see if your boss is batsh*t crazy, or as they put it, "Is Your Boss a Psychopath?" I always kinda like tests. Remember, I was smart before I was pretty. For the record, Sloane scored a fifteen. I gave him a "sometimes" on the question about taking responsibility for his actions, because occasionally he does recognize he's a difficult a$$hole.

If you're wondering what Atlas did this weekend, he saw the French film "Swimming Pool". It was quite good, a nice little French movie to enjoyon DVD with wine and cigarettes, of course. Then there was Dario Argento's "Phenomena", which stars a young, pre-Labyrinth Jennifer Connelly as well as Donald Pleasance. I saw that on Friday night at Famke's and it wasn't as good as his "Suspiria", though it was almost as good. It was a good example of Dario Argento's work in that it was schlocky Italian horror of the highest caliber.

Also, I hate the new sell-out Black-Eyed Peas. After a good debut, "Bridging the Gap" was an amazing sophomore effort. And then Fergie joined the group and they did "Elephunk", whose musicosity was solid and had enough political-to-party songs to keep me happy. But now they're just jokers, man. And Fergie will never be a fashion icon. Unless she learns how to rap. But she sucks.

All for now.


Blogger Grant Edmunds said...

yeh n blak eye peas is crap 2 wank 2


luv grant

6:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it once a group gets a little main stream media play they suddenly become sell outs? Is it a crime to be popular?

Oh yea, Fergie needs a new stylist. Mos def.


8:29 AM

Anonymous jv said...

I hate her stupid fucking braids and her stupid fucking shorts.

had to get that out of my system. thx.

4:30 PM


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