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Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's a Revolution-- and it WILL be Televised

Welcome to the , fans. If you haven't heard, Joss Whedon is now officially on the bandwagon.

In an interview with "In Focus", Joss Whedon urges the Buffy faithful to support [albeit obliquely] the Global Frequency.

Here are Whedon's money quotes from his [very long] interview:
INTERVIEWER: Leaving aside for the moment “Wonder Woman” and “Batman” and “X-Men,” is there a comic-book franchise you’d be especially keen to bring to screen?
JOSS: The only time I ever read a comic and said, “Jesus, that should be on the screen,” I found out that somebody else was already developing it, and it was “Global Frequency.” It should be a TV show. I adore it. [“Global Frequency” creator] Warren Ellis is like a God to me.
[insert cute-meet between Joss and Warren at a comic book store, then:]
INTERVIEWER: I’d love to see a “Global Frequency” series come to be.
JOSS: And I heard good things about the pilot and the script from a bunch of my comic-writer friends and my TV-slash-comic-writer friends. And I don’t know what happened. It just made perfect sense as a show.

Let's repeat this last line and add some context for effect. Joss Whedon, whose Buffy/Angel franchise spawned twelve seasons of television [for , no less] and influenced subsequent shows from "Alias" to "Joan of Arcadia" to "Veronica Mars", thinks Global Frequency makes "perfect sense as a show".

Are you listening, Garth Ancier? , are you out there?

Because if you don't start making conciliatory noises regarding GF soon, I'm going to attempt to destroy your entire fall schedule--not that it'll be that hard, considering the new shows on the roster.

And in other GF news, John Rogers, writer of the pilot, reports that there is still the possibility that GF could be coming out in some sort of DVD format. Which is good news. Of course, the ultimate goal here is to get GF back into production for a nice run of episodes, so DON'T STOP EMAILING/CONTACTING PEOPLE ABOUT THE GLOBAL FREQUENCY.

Atlas highly suggests emailing Josef Adalian and Michael Schneider, the two very wonderful TV editors at Variety [the only publication that all of Ho'wood definitely reads]. That's and in case you were wondering. Remember to tell them what an amazing story GF is-- an unaired pilot with a global fan base that exists solely thanks to the P2P networks that Ho'wood seems to be so afraid of.

By the by, if you still haven't seen the leaked, mildly-illegal, highly-fun pilot yet, it's REALLY EASY TO DOWNLOAD. All you need is BitTorrent, which you can find here. It's as easy as clicking on the version you need. Once you've downloaded the very legal BitTorrent, you could easily use it to get the pilot from any number of sites, including this one and this one.

You just keep giving me reasons to love you, Joss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ach, well, I can't reg to post under my name because this system wants me to start a blog! Nyet!

I'd seen that Whedon Q&A several days ago and didn't think to bring it up to anyone, especially since I learned about it via Warren Ellis's own site!

Seems my own email to V (which I BCCed to you and others) went Plonk...

I guess I will now have to subscribe to Variety just so I can cancel it in protest! (Oh -- that is NOT a suggestion! And I'm NOT being coy here, either!)

5:35 PM

Blogger Jenny said...

you realize your formatting is askew, right?

12:04 AM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Jenny-- If you mean my formatting on the post below is askew in terms of correct screenplay formats, yes I know. In the actual post that I wrote it wasn't, but working with blogger isn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever done as far as setting margins. But um, yes, I am aware of correct screenplay formatting and I wish I could make it look correct. Alas, alack, it was not to be.

Of course, if you're talking about some other kind of formatting, well, then, I have no idea what you're talking about.

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AA, I took the trouble to download the GF pilot.

It looks great, but shit, the script is LAME-O-RAMA!!

I mean...a chick see's a guy cut literally in half and she says "David XXXX...I worked with him....and he was a friend". :(

Not an ounce of wit. Just good looking actors, with a crap script and decent camera effects.

Can see why it ain't gone any further.

10:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The script was not "LAME-O-RAMA!!" considering it had the constraints of the pilot format, network television and the weight of all sci-fi on its back.

It trod some paths that had been blazed and it made itself new and relevant and worthy of pickup. It was a good pilot. You'd be amazed at the crap that gets made into pilots. Of course, you'd also be surprised at some of the other pilots that get turned down that don't get a global audience like 'the Frequency' has.

Rogers may not be the most innovative writer I've ever read, but he does good, solid work and, in my opinion, deserves a series.

Hey, Assistant/Atlas, I do love the blog. Maybe you could try getting NBC to buy the rights away from the WB in this, their most desperate hour. Just a suggestion.

7:49 PM


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