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Monday, September 12, 2005

So It Was Just a Power Guy and Not Al-Qaeda?

So the power outage was just some guy who cut a cable? Phew. Glad the media's spinning us that one. I for one, thought it was just a little bizarro that right after that tape on the evening news with Al Qaeda threatening Los Angeles and Melbourne that the lights went out around town. A happy coincidence, then? I doubt we'll ever really know.

Frankly, it ended up being cool for me. I got to go home early, instead of late like I thought I might have to. So, way to go, power guy. Way to mistakenly cut ONE SINGLE POWER CORD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Dude, nobody tell the terrorists that we're this vulnerable or they WLL come gunning for our power grid! Jesus! One single line is cut and the power's out for like three million people. Dang. What if they had, I dunno, blown up the line or something? [which I'm guessing would be harder to fix] Would we have been without power for longer? I mean, sweet Jesus, if you think Bush doesn't care about black people, imagine FEMA's response time for the godless heathens of Los Angeles who contribute their massive wealth and influence almost solely to the Democrats?

File Under: We are so f*cked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was like 99% sure that some major terrorist attack had begun, and began calling family and friends accordingly.

After today, I've realized that I watch way too much 24. Because I completely imagined the power going down as the first event in a complex maze of terrorist happenings, each building horrifically on the previous one until the final shoe fell into place. My coworkers were all like "Oh well, the power's out, lets go smoke..." as I panicked and was on the verge of screaming "IT'S THE TERRORISTS!!" in their collective faces.

-- JC

8:41 PM

Blogger LTNA said...

Yes, but how jaded with dillusions of security am I that I was sort of annoyed that the power didn't go out in Bev Hills, so I didn't get to go home early? Even with the appetizer of the eveing news from the night before, I never thought of the outtage a something potentially serious. Luckily it wasn't. Perhaps when shit really does start falling apart in the BH, we know we seriously are completely fuct. But, as long as I can still get my afternoon brownie from The Farm without incident, the cynicism lives on.

11:17 AM


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