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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Whisper Price Game: Superheroes!

This week's Whisper Price Game involves actors/actresses who have played superheroes. As our agent friends would tell us, playing a superhero in a big, blockbuster hit is one of the quickest, surest ways to raise your Whisper Price. So, how has being a superhero worked out for these [ahem] fine actors? Remember, kids, try to guess how much it would cost to get these people to topline your movie. And while you're at it, hate on those that you're sick of seeing.

brought Spiderman, one of America's most beloved superheroes to life, in two spectacularly successful movies. Reportedly, though, Tobey was nearly dropped in favor of Jake Gyllenhaal for Spidey 2 when he held out for more cash. Eventually they reached a compromise that has significantly boosted the star's net worth [according to IMDB, Maguire got $4 mil for Spiderman and $17 mil for the sequel]. But what do you think this former member of Leonardo DiCaprio's "Pussy Posse" actually worth?

After The Fast and the Furious made him a bankable star, had a choice of franchises: The Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black/Riddick, XXX. Diesel ended up going with Riddick to the tune of $11.5 mil. Oops. The movie flopped while the other franchises scored solid, if not particularly impressive, hits with their sequels. Fortunately for Diesel, one flop does not a career destroy, and thanks to the surprising success of Kindergarten Cop, I mean, um, The Pacifier, Diesel's still got a fairly hot career. But how hot is it?

Everyone's favorite Invisible Girl, , continues to defy expectations. Not only did Fantastic Four not bomb, despite its critical drubbing, but Sin City has shown incredible DVD/homevid strength, thanks to her sizeable, uh, acting talents. She's got an undeniable following [I'd follow that body just about anywhere, myself, except perhaps Into the Blue] but does she really bring much more than high-quality T&A to a film? And how much, exactly, is that worth?

After ditching his Kevin Smith/indie roots, Ben "Hey, Look at My Genitals" Affleck starred in a number of spectacular bombs, including the much-maligned Gigli and the somewhat-less-maligned Daredevil. Along the way, though, his price surged while the grosses of his films dropped. After a string of flops, though, his price must have come back down-- but how far and how fast for ?

kicked her way into my consciousness as superspy Sydney Bristow on Alias, but Sydney is technically only a mere mortal. Jen is on this list for her turn as Elektra, the underperforming Daredevil spin-off superhero. Jen's shown some range, with her hit comedy, 13 Going on 30, and doesn't have to rely solely on her action following. But thanks to her marriage to Ben "Career Killer" Affleck, Jen's not flying so high in my opinion. What's she worth in yours?


Anonymous Enrique said...

Lemme try my hand at my first whisper game...

Maguire... tough one. The Spidey movies are really blockbusters because of the character, not Maguire. $17mil I think was a tad bit overpaying, but I think his name is worth that... tops.

Diesel... Pacifier to me is a fluke, so I'm not counting that. $8-10mil, tops.

Alba... another fluke (FF). And Sin City had one of the biggest casts in recent history so I won't attribute most of it's success to her. $5-7mil.

Ben Affleck- I'll give him $100 to stay the fuck away from my set.

Garner... has yet to prove (to me) she's got star power. $2-3mil tops.

9:30 PM

Blogger B2 said...

I'm just not smart enough to play.. or just not in touch with the industry in this way. And yet, I comment. How sad.

10:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way is Maguire getting $17 mill for his movies. I'd say $15...tops.

Garner, 5-7

Alba, 3-5

Diesel, 8-10.

12:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see Tobey's getting megabucks for Spidey, but I still wouldn't pay him more than $10 mil for anything.
Vin Diesel has proven people will still go to see him, even in ultra-crappy movies. That's worth at least $10 mil.
Alba's hot, but she's far from a proven draw. Max $3 mil.
Affleck- nobody better be paying him to be in movies anymore. Why do you think the last thing he filmed was a commercial?
Garner- max $5 mil.

3:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot decide who I would want to see less in a movie, Diesel or Affleck. Affleck is the kiss of death to any production, he should be paid to stay out of movies.

I love Tobey, but I agree that $17m is too much. I think $8-10 max.

Garner - lets wait and see what she looks like after hanging out with Affleck and popping out that kid. She's been photoed scarfing down as much food as Britney.

Alba - $3m. Sin City's success had nothing to do with her.

5:45 PM

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