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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Boondocks Rocks My Socks: 3.42

Are you ready for it? The Boondocks, based on Aaron McGruder's super-awesome comic strip of the same name, is coming to television. And specifically, it's coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.


I do admit to having high hopes for the show, and is something of a hero. And an anonymous superhero's hero is an uber-hero to the world. Why?

Let's start with the fact that, at the age of 24, McGruder shook up the comic pages with a strip [] that was adamantly political and riotously funny and somehow, really cute.

If you doubt its pop culture relevance, let me just say that it was the only comic strip we studied at USC in my Visual & Popular Culture class. So there. I played the Trojan card. Respect the Trojan, people.

The Boondocks is nothing short of brilliant in its three-panel form, but I wonder if the show can translate well into the new medium of half-hour episodic television.

As for the characters, I'd have to say that while I always have identified with Huey, but I've always thought his punk-a$$ little brother Riley was the funniest character. He'll suggest things like "burning the grass" instead of mowing the lawn and his interactions with his grandfather are absolutely priceless. If they can nail the family dynamics of these three--keeping them off-kilter and hilarious but realistically loving--the show will work.

But I guess we'll see when The Boondocks debuts on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on November 6th.* That's Sunday-- and I know y'all ain't goin' to church.**

*Global readers- tough sh*t, unless you live in Canada or miraculously get it via satellite. By the way, Aussies, thanks for being the latest global shout-outs-- it was Aussies two weeks ago. But I love you both equally, so no Down Under internectine warfare on my behalf, please.
**Um, but if you do go to church, you can probably still watch it cuz it's on pretty late and most churches I know are over by then. Just sayin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early reviews say it doesn't live up to its potential. Sorry, Atlas. Still, I'll be watching.

5:37 PM

Blogger jdm said...

I love Boondocks & Adult Swim. I will watch, but I don't have high hopes for it, as much as I love the comic strip.

11:50 AM

Blogger Star Effer said...

So, what's the verdict? I didn't get a chance to see it yet, cuz my wife (who is lovely and amazing) forgot to effin TiVO it!! I mean, WTF?!?

Did you likes?

11:59 AM

Blogger LTNA said...

Like minds, mon blogging frere.

3:24 PM

Blogger Queue said...

I blogged about it on my blog so I wn't repost here but it was GREAT!

8:50 AM


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