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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why Global Frequency Should Be a Show for Fall 2006: 3.41

This is my 200th post and I'm dedicating it to the resurrection of the Global Frequency.
Will keep a good show down?

I know you know I like the Global Frequency. I mean, I REALLY like it.

Especially now that I've finally gotten to read the Global Frequency comics. Frankly, I was most surprised by the artwork-- and let me tell you, it is art. It is amazing, vividly pulsating, graphic art.

But don't despair you people who thumb your collective nose at comics, there's also a television pilot.

And frankly, as cool of a comic as this puppy is, it would make an even better television show than it does a comic. Since I know most of you are too lazy to click the links I made up there, allow me to re-hash the premise.

This is .
She plays Miranda Zero, leader of the and a sexily-mysterious ex-spy with subfreezing attitude to spare.

This is .
She plays Aleph, nerve center of and highly connected techgrrrl extraordinaire. She hangs out at Global Frequency HQ and, like a good assistant, pretty much runs the whole show herself.

This is Josh Hopkins. He actually plays ex-Detective Sean Flynn, who, if memory serves, isn't really in the comics. Not that I recall, at any rate. The important thing about Sean is that the whole pilot is told through his eyes- and Hopkins does an admirable job of making his character both instantly sympathetic and interesting (and he even gets some chemistry going with hot-chick-with-5-doctorates Jenni Baird) . So, really, Sean is the main character, for the first episode anyway.

You see, in Ellis's Global Frequency, the main threads are Miranda Zero and Aleph as characters, but the stories are usually driven by the frequent guest stars--the relevant experts for the crisis. What does this mean for you, tv viewer? Well, two solidly hot and definitely talented actresses are just the beginning. But since I know you don't like actually reading, here's a helpful list.


1) Anyone, and perhaps everyone, can be on it-- and that just makes it more powerful. With millions at its beck-and-call (literally, call) the Frequency is the ultimate 'smart mob' and, in its fictional world, the last line of defense against various apocalyptic scenarios.
2) A show is only as good as its superproducer. GF has one who's up to the task in the form of Mark "Bruckheimer Who?" Burnett.
3) It'd make a good match for Supernatural. Since that's the WB's only significant new hit this season, it could really benefit from a good pairing. Do it and you've got a highly-buzzable night ready to go. I can think of a lot worse things than spending, say, every Tuesday night with Michelle Forbes and Aimee Garcia, even if Jensen Ackles has to be there.
4) Aimee Garcia [see above]
5) Michelle Forbes [see above]
6) The pilot was written by John Rogers, my super-cool blogger buddy over at Kung Fu Monkey.
7) Because that Warren Ellis is a crazy mofo- and you gotta love him.
8) Remember when Alias was good? Well, Nelson McCormick directed some of those episodes. Dang man, looking at his IMDB profile, McCormick has a solid pedigree: he's directed eps of not just Alias, but Nip/Tuck, CSI, The West Wing, House and ER. That's why the pilot looks so good for a pilot.
9) The fast pace, big action, whippy writing, rich premise, beguiling characters and relevance to society at large all bode well for its long-term prospects.
10) Thanks to its unconventional route to popularity (we effectively smartmobbed up a global frequency to force a major media corporation to change direction), potential chemistry with another show, highly-pedigreed cast & crew, wacky genius comic writer,

Remember, WB, you're not the bad guy if you bring back the Global Frequency-- you're the netlet with a super-cool new hit show. You're the bad guy if you don't.


Blogger AnthonyDe said...

TV You'll Want To Pay For
How $2 downloads can revive network television.

GF was just a little before it's time.

10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, I think many people would pay to download it from ITMS still. Think of all the people who won't put up with days-on-end Torrents.

10:01 AM

Anonymous Enrique said...

Just thought I'd throw it out that any Michelle Forbes fans who haven't already should watch the movie Kalifornia (costarring Brad Pitt and David Duchovny). Her part was secondary but the fact that I still remember her means something, right? Right?

9:09 PM

Anonymous Chad said...

I love Nelson, but I love Michelle Forbes more. She rocked her episode of ALIAS.

Josh is going to be on Pepper Dennis when it preps.

Love your site.

9:26 PM

Anonymous theodor said...

I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

6:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:54 AM

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