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Monday, November 07, 2005

Love For Women Who Love Women: 3.43

"People who need people. . .
are the luckiest people in the world"

-Barbra Streisand

So Google gave me a lesbian singles site in my GoogleAds. That's hot. I have a love/hate relationship with Google. One minute I think they're totally rad and the next I think they're the next Microsoft. But lesbians-- I have no hate in my relationship with them. No, no, only love. And some respect. And, to be more frank than you'd like, some action in my pants.

I noticed the ad a day or two ago. It was for the world's biggest online lesbian community. So of course I felt it was my duty to check it out thoroughly. You know, cuz, um. . .they're an advertiser. And um, I had to make sure it was safe for kids?
I don't know. I just really wanted to check out a lesbian dating site. Sue me. Guys always take so much flack for being fans of women who love women. But I love women who love women, is that so wrong?

How can you not love these women?

Sweet, sweet awesome lesbians. Portia's on "Arrested Development" and Ellen is Ellen. They totally beat most straight celebrity couples. Really, probably the only couple I would want to hang around with and/or see have sex more is Brangelina. And I think most lesbians would agree, that that sh*t is hot.

Now, this has been a good time for lesbians, with Sheryl Swopes getting a media and sponsor yawn when she came out. As much as she might've been surprised by the lack of response, I'm not. A lesbian in the WNBA-- who'd a thunk it? Still, she ain't being Billie Jean King-ed out of her sponsorships and she's still considered a role model (without the WNBA we'd be perilously short on b-ballers who haven't served time). So her coming out does mean something-- it means that people are seeing coming out as increasingly normal.

In other celebrity outing news, George Takei has been with his non-celeb partner Brad something for 18 years. In the world of celebrity relationships, 18 years is approximately Brad & Jen's marriage + Bennifer I + TomKat + Brangelina + both of Britney's marriages + Bennifer II + JLo & Marc Antony.

I mean fer chrissakes, let gay people save matrimony already. If two women can't make a marriage work, I don't know who could. And if two men can be maintain a relationship for 18 years, then gay guys deserve all the sanctity marriage can give 'em.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey atlas,

no offense man, love the blog... but this stuff is really closer to third rate gossip than what it started out as.

Could you do a little more on the assistant life and your job or something.. after all, it's the reason everybody started reading in the first place.

9:31 AM

Blogger Star Effer said...

i have a gripe too. but unlike the anonymous poster, i have no qualms about site content in general. i think it's pretty rockin.

and it's not about the lesbian entry. I love me the effin lesbos. (and how hot is Portia in that dress? Dayam!)

my gripe is: where is your follow-up on the Boondocks show? you had such a great entry about it last Friday, so I'm wondering: did it meet expectations? crush them? exceed them? Do enlighten...

(and EFF anonymous posters. if u have something critical to say don't hide behind anonymity like an effin wuss)

that is all.

12:05 PM

Anonymous lynnzgal said...

Screw Anon, and like fabe said screw anon again.

Its your blog and you can state whatever the fuck you want.

If you want to take a break to support sweet gay sex between two women or men, right on!

Not like there's anything wrong with that.

8:48 PM

Anonymous Terry said...

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6:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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