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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seriously, Time Warner, I Hate You Guys

Oh how I hate my infernal ISP, Time Warner Cable.

Our connection won't be repaired until NEXT Friday. Unfortunately, it was the Roomie who finally got through...because I would've demanded someone's head on a stick. Or at least a prorated rate for the month. But maybe that's a good thing, considering it would've required a whole new round of corporate bureaucratic wrangling.

Seriously, Time Warner, I had Comcast for almost three years and had maybe two instances of outtages-- both no more than a few days at most. Now you're telling me that it's going to be down for a total of three weeks, and there's nothing even a "highly-skilled" tech specialist and my actually highly-skilled, tech-savvy roommate can do about it?

Nope. Nothing.

Seriously, Time Warner, you're totally making this girl think I'm coming over just to use her series of tubes, obscuring the fact that I'm really there to use her other set of tubes.

Which, if you think about it, means that Time Warner is making me gay.

Fortunately, my TV still works, so I will be able to tune into Veronica Mars, which should be enough to overturn any alternate tendencies. And you should, too. Tune in, that is. Otherwise, you won't get caught up with the best show on TV.



Anonymous missy said...

3 weeks???!!! and you live in the Great US of A right??

*who am I kidding - I'm battling my broadband company to send me a paper bill rather then just electronically debit my account.. apparently paper is beyond them. Wish my tax accountant thought the same..

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a credit from Time Warner cable for service outage- just ask the customer service rep.

I know that's not much of a consolation, but you certainly shouldn't be paying for something you aren't getting.

9:35 PM

Blogger Alice In Hollywoodland said...

Ditch cable . . . get DSL through AT&T and DirecTV with TiVo. Trust me. You'll be much happier, and you'll be able to watch Veronica Mars whenever you want and without commercials. The cost is about the same anyway.

9:08 AM

Blogger Lys said...

Alice is right - Time Warner sucks a$$ and your "tech" most likely will be a subcontractor who isn't even TRAINED. Time Warner and I had a parting of the ways when I first moved to Orlando due to the sacrifice of my laptop by their untrained buffoons. Considering that I used to work for Comcast, Time Warner has alot to learn. I will forever sing the praises of DirectTV and getting DSL. Forget TW!!

9:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is getting out of control! Everyone i know here in OC is having problems with TW..and since they took over all the cable/internet etc here....yes all (as if they could monopolize) things are Baah-had! their tech support doesn't know squat! i proved their tech support wrong...all he could say was...let me get you a if he knew something....HA! good one! hell dial up is looking better than TW!

2:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had TW cable installed in my new apartment. Since it's a high rise, Direct TV is not an option unless I want a dish on my dining room table. (Yeah, I know you guys probably have a ton of opinions on that but whatever. Done deal.) The only reason I went to TW was because when I called Comcast to cancel, they gave me a no installation deal for not switching. The idiot installer didn't show up..oh, wait, according to them, he did. Except he is apparently invisible. I get a call stating they were sorry he missed me at the very same time my front door was open, waiting for him to show up. After waiting on hold for a total of over 3 hours, he comes back. I pointed out where I wanted the wiring placed and even cleared out all furniture and moving boxes from the wall where I wanted the cable tacked. I come back to find that this genius has shoved the cable against the wall behind all the furniture and boxes. Thanks, asshole.

2:44 PM

Anonymous Heckle Magpie said...

Help me build the largest network of negative Time Warner Cable links on the internet!

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't say enough about how bad TW is.... Tech support is useless... And you have to enjoy the daily outages which the ignore...

In the making.. Up o date up/down time stats... Interested? become a supporter..

1:04 PM

Anonymous Leslie in Arlington, TX said...

You guys are amateurs! I have been having inconsistent internet connection with the dear Time Warner company since mid-February, and here it is mid-June! Promises, promises, and a whopping $49 credit! Have had 6 techs in my home (they never introduce themselves and one looked really shady), have made at least 25 calls to customer service. Still no consistent connection. Have gone all the way up to Tier 3 and still no help. You are on hold for 30 minutes before you even talk to the first, incompetent person!

Road Runner Medic is a joke! It is simply to make you think you are doing something useful until the connection comes back. How many times do I have to reboot per day???

If there was ANYONE else in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with cable internet, I'd be their first customer!

Time Warner is a monopoly. Why doesn't the government break them up like they did AT&T (yeah, like that really worked!)

12:33 PM

Anonymous sibylle said...

we had 12 technicians coming, and it still doesnt work!!!
see here:

10:34 AM

Anonymous RayO said...

We've totally had it with TWC! We had an outage of phone and internet for one whole day last Monday and that was the last straw! We had worse outages before, the more recent was early this month when the cable, phone and internet just went blank..two days before the Olympics opening. We called customer service and set an appointment for Tuesday, between 9 AM to 12 Noon. Came 12noon and no tech on the door. I called customer service and was told that he was just running late and should be here within the hour. Tech arrives exactly 1:10 PM and just to tell me that we have an area intermittent outages for about 2 weeks and that he cannot do anything to fix our unit. I asked him why was the appointment set if they knew about the 2 week old problem and he said the customer service is probably new! After he left, I called customer service again and to my surprise, I was told that the tech was lying and that there wasn't any reported outage in our area! She said that she will contact dispatch and will sent the tech back to our house.After another hour of waiting, I got a call from the dispatcher telling me that there really was an are outage and that the customer service is not fully aware of the email communications that they were circulating internally. I had to drive to the billing office about a mile away to get the real info and the clerk was apologetic and told me that she will try to resend the signal from their end and hopefully we can get a partial restoration of one of the 3 services. When I got home, I rebooted the cable and modem as instructed and finally got the phone and internet working, but the cable signals were very week and did not stabilized until the next day. I missed work and wasted a whole day waiting and getting nothing until finally I get a simple assistance from the billing clerk. Yesterday, I called Verizon and AT&T to finally get some information on switching.

5:33 PM


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