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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Foiled by Time Warner: 5.37

Apparently, my attacks have been hitting a bit too close to The Man, because He's turned off my Internet service. I type this, in fact, from the home of this really quite cool girl. That though, friends, is a story for another day. Because today, it's all about the now-defunct WB's corporate parent paying me back karmically for goading them so.

Today, it's all about The Man keeping me down.

Because do you know what happens when you call Time Warner's ISP support from my home phone line (not coincidentally provided by Time Warner Corporate Phoning Co.)? Well, do you?

It's basically a message saying that they're too busy to take my call right now and I should call again later. This has happened twice and frankly, Roomie and I are tired of it. It has been two days without internet access and we are thisclose to cannibalism.

Unfortunately, neither of us is home enough to bureaucratically outfox The Man. By the time either of us reaches the apartment, it's at least 8 already, if not later. Especially lately.

And yes, I haven't been home enough, roomie. I know. Sorry. Whatever. He totally doesn't even read this stupid blog anymore. Only hundreds of strangers do. Sigh.

But maybe you hundreds are enough.



Blogger Milehimama said...

Hey, at least you got a message. I had a problem with Comcast internet, and when I called, I got "If you are having trouble connecting to your service, please go to"
I had to take drastic measures, get a free AOL CD, and get on with my 50 free hours to get any satisfaction. The horror!

5:27 AM


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