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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How I Really Pimpslap: 5.30 cont'd

Look, I've got to work hard to maintain anonymity. But I have a divergent need to share every detail of my work life. After all, that's sorta why I started this blogging adventure.

But I have a HUGE meeting coming up Thursday. One that might put me on track to be a more wonderful wunderkind than Jeff Zucker, minus the balding, the megalomania, and the Napoleon complex. Well, at least the balding and Napoleonic parts.

So I'm a bit apprehensive about the meeting. Fortunately, I know the rules of the boardroom and am ready to implement them to full effect, if necessary. But since it's mostly a meeting with the Big Boss and his Lady Big Biz, I think I'll have to be a bit more personal. Which means that I'll be busting out my interpersonal skills to charm my way to more responsibility.

Ironic, isn't it, that a young person, who should by all accounts be listless and lazy, would use his youthful charms to gain responsibility?

But that's what I want: responsibility. Which I define as getting credit/blame for what I do. Because I know that in Hollywood, you're ultimately judged (especially as an up-and-comer who has no developed reputation) by the work you do. Well, unless you're related to someone famous, of course.

But what I really want is to be heard. That's one reason I keep up this whole blog novel...just to get my voice out there.

In cyberspace, apparently, this resonates. Maybe the world is shifting towards a have-and-have-not perspective, since pretty much everyone is rapidly becoming one or the other....which would give rise to an 'assistant culture' embodied by this and a number of other blogs. Or maybe everyone is just becoming a starf*****r. Either way, these missives seem to be reaching across the series of tubes that comprise a new medium in our modern world.
Relax. It's New Media.
Accept it. Blogs are the new novels. YouTube is the new Betamax. Revver is the new VHS. And Google is your new deity.

Still...I think they're about as good of a corporate deity as we 21st century humans can reasonably expect. "Do No Evil" and "Organize the World's Information" are pretty good mission statements, even if they are, well, corporate mission statements.

And finally, back to the pimpslappin' that's the subject of the post. After months and months of steady subversiveness, my once-corporatized bosses have rediscovered the (financial) joys of independence. At least, that's what I'm hoping. Big business does have that unique way of messing everything you never know.

This time next week, I could be a quasi-bigshot. Or I could still be a lowly assistant. I guess it's in the hands of the Hollywood gods now.

Oh...and mine.

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Anonymous RisingSunofNihon said...

I found your blog on Technorati and have spent some time reading your past posts. As someone that harbors no love for suits at the top of the hierarchy, I really appreciate your wit and humor when talking about your work life. Good luck at your meeting!

2:09 AM

Blogger Nyssa23 said...

Sounds exciting and mysterious. Go Atlas!

11:15 PM


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