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Friday, September 22, 2006

TV Is the Thing This Year!: 5.35

If you wanna have fun, come on with me
You can stay all night and play with my TV...
TV is the thing this year!
Radio's great, but it's outta date.
TV is the thing this year!
-Ms. Dianne Reeves

Did ya hear? TV Is the Thing This Year!

Yeah, according to the latest ratings, despite the iPods, the blogs, the videogames, and this whole crazy series of tubes we call the Internets, the time young Americans spend watching TV is growing. By the way, the Internet is still in danger-- from the people who actually think it's a series of tubes. Please, talk up Net Neutrality with your friends. And if you want to know more, go here to Save the Internet dot com. Which is the real site that will save the Internet, not any of those other various and sundry corporate pretenders trying to confuse the masses. By the way, if you're from Kansas like me, then call Pat Roberts at 913-451-9343. He's still undecided on Net Neutrality. Tell him you're a Kansan whose potential business model will be destroyed if Net Neutrality isn't protected.

But getting back to my main point: it's totally awesome that TV is the thing this year, considering that it has become my favorite medium at the moment. It's so, like, authoritative. You know?

But TV's continued dominance is good for Hollywood. After all, any time Americans are glued to your product for hours on end, it's a good thing. Just ask the cigarette companies.

Seriously, the fact that Americans like looking at moving pictures and screens is the best Hollywood can hope for these days. So let's just celebrate the fact that TV is the thing this year.

And by the way, you're welcome, kids.
I stayed in to write on this Friday night, just for you.
I know, I know. I'll try to blog everyday. But it's hard, yo.
My brain hurts.



Blogger Nyssa23 said...

Seriously, I'm convinced that Fox has figured out how to transmit crack over the airwaves to get me glued to their channel two nights in a row ("House" and "Standoff" on Tuesdays, "Bones" and "Justice" on Wednesdays.)

I never thought I'd watch network TV again post-"X-Files," but they've dragged me back in.

10:00 PM

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