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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Your Bosses Lie to Everyone Else, Why Would They Tell You the Truth?

I did something very foolish recently.

I believed what my bosses told me.

I forgot that these are people whose jobs are essentially to massage the truth into an "acceptable" reality. And by "acceptable" I mean "warped beyond all recognition."

And yet, when you work with people, a level of trust almost always necessarily grows between you, so it's easy to be sucked into that pit of gullibility.

Trust me, don't let it happen to you.

One reason I'd been posting less is that I'd felt lately like less of an assistant, and thus, have less assistant-y beef and angst.

But with this latest twist on the winding road of my career, I certainly feel like one again. Oh sure, I've still got the nice title to fall back on (that I had to fight for, fyi). But as for a distinct pay rise and increase in responsibility and authority, I've been stymied again, despite very concrete assurances to the contrary.

I wish I could go into what happened a bit further, but I'm in too deep to blow my cover now.
Just like Sidney.

Oh, and of course, now it turns out that regardless of whether or not I got her fired, Nancy, my immediate superior, is truly "leaving."

So I will continue my agonizing rise up the ladder.

Don't remember Nancy? I wish I didn't either. Click the above link to find out more about her and slow motion promotions. Like the one I'm apparently still having.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the industry hasnt changed a bit over the last 20 years--still a lot of poseurs and bean counters utilizing their power inapropriately. Yep, gotta love our 'liberal industry'--they love to alk about all things progressive, but when the green goes on the table, these people make Attila the Hun look progressive.

Sounds like your baby vampire teeth are settling in, though. Your patience strategy is a good one; but, here's a better piece of advice; save the dough and figure out to have your own show--then you won't have any bosses at all. The last think you want to do is turn in to a rhinocerous with cloven the rest of them do :)

10:48 PM

Blogger london cokehead said...

I miss Sidney :0(

6:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:58 PM

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Blogger Spangle! said...

Hey I just read your blog for the first time. It's nice to know I'm not the only one sweating in the industry. I'll keep reading!

5:24 PM

Blogger Jason said...

You're never coming back are you Atlas? Will you at least let us know who you are/were? Who Sloane was?
Maybe a real photo of Bubbles?

2:22 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

I would suggest you check out Shelly Anderson's book called "Dealing With Divas". It is a must-have manual for any assistant or anyone interested in dealing with a demanding profession.

8:48 AM

Blogger pedro velasquez said...

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