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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Internet TV's Infancy Is Awesome: 6.01

Like the Sopranos, my last season ended with a whimper, not with a bang.

So that's what the Sopranos universe is about, apparently.

As Net TV gets underway, the Sopranos might go down as one of the best that "broadcast" had to offer.

Personally, I don't think it'll go down so adverserially.

Among the birth pangs are a plethora of adamantly bizarre videos and audios, and the "canon" of early Internet video is still a bit too young to be properly categorized. However, there is still stuff you need to understand to understand the birth pangs of the internet's TV revolution:

Andy Samberg
The Long Tail

Among the signs that TV on the net is taking off:

About a year later, Google doesn't yet regret buying YouTube for $1.5 billion, a price that may yet prove prescient.

Shows are still selling on iTunes, but they're going even faster over the P2P networks. This means more and more people are watching and enjoying moving pictures on the interwebs.

My favorite new show is now playing at It's called Unicorn Planet. Yes, that's right. It's called Unicorn Planet, and I like it. So what?

Fine, I will admit, I am a white, twentysomething hetero white male and I like a little Internet TV show called "Unicorn Planet." And yes, it is the gayest thing ever. And juvenile. But that's a good part of the appeal.

Dude, it's effing funny. Just watch. It explains everything you need to know in the first, oh, twenty seconds or so. But watch the whole thing, it's less than two and a half minutes.

And if you're still reading this blog, you've got two and a half minutes to kill.

Just watch Unicorn Planet:

Come on, that's hilarious. Dude, my gay friends are all about it, so I know it can't be anti-gay, which means it's totally okay to laugh at.

As we all know, if you want to know if something or someone is homophobic, ask a gay. If you want to know if something is racist, ask an African-American, or, these days, a Mexican-American, or a Mexican in America. Sexist? Call the feminists...

Yada, yada.

Anyway...I think it's funny, and a hopeful sign that we may all soon be able to jump ship and just produce random stuff for the Long Tail. Because if I was an exec, I would pick this up for a run on Adult Swim, or Midnight Spank [run more Ninja Warrior!], or whatever.

As soon as web video becomes profitable, I'm jumping ship from corporate-dum. De dum-dum...

Planet Unicorn 2

Planet Unicorn 3

Planet Unicorn 4

UPDATE: OMG William Shatner pimping Planet Unicorn is awesome. Please see below. Dude, I knew I backed the right horse on this project. So to speak.


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Blogger roeyourboat said...

hahaha i love how the premise of the show is flashed across the screen in big bold letters. awesome.

2:19 PM

Blogger Bianca Reagan said...

I am a white, twentysomething hetero white male

So you're white? Just clarifying. :)

I'm black and feminist, so you can ask me if something is racist or sexist. You can ask me other things, too, if you like.

Unicorn Planet could be seen as offensive to unicorns. But mostly it's offensive to Justin Timberlake.

10:21 PM

Blogger Ste78 said...

lol omg I loved this show. It's so Adult Swim material!

5:56 PM


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