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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting a New Job: 6.04

I've had it.

I'm fed up.

I'm getting a new job.

Don't tell anyone.

And I kinda want to move to New York so I don't have to deal with traffic ever again.

They have Hollywood in New York, and it's kinda like here, right?


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Anonymous Jackie said...

New Yorks way better.. come on over!

7:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTH happened?

5:48 AM

Blogger Iain said...

Takes 5 years to get to the same salary. But the quality of life gives you back ten.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

go for it, new york > L.A !

11:48 PM

Blogger Thomas M. Sipos said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:35 AM

Blogger Thomas M. Sipos said...

I left NY for L.A. I was born & raised in Queens, graduated NYU film school, and worked for a few years in one of those glass skyscrapers.

I never liked NY. Never. L.A. has its problems, and I would like to leave L.A. someday, but never back to NY.

Of course, NY, like L.A., is so huge, there are many NY's, just as there are many L.A.'s. Everyone has their own experience of the city (like the blind men and the elephant). Some love the portion they experience, some don't.

It was just too urban for me. Too much concrete. Too much garbage in the streets. Too many homeless.

Of course, if you're rich, you can live well anywhere. I suppose if you're rich in NY, you can afford to live in a comfy, air-conditioned security bubble, and keep the crap at the distance. But I assume that's not you.

NY is not a pleasant place to live if you're not rich.

7:41 AM

Anonymous dudeasincool said...

Figure out a way to grow your own business...this might take some adjustments, but it can be done. Work out of your home and screw the traffic...

You have skills related to hi tech - use them and make your own path.

12:54 PM

Blogger blewis said...

Hey, before you quit your gig and leave LA, can I talk to you? I have something you might be interested in.


2:22 PM

Blogger Dabbler said...

At the risk of being, oh, several months late in my reply, may I suggest the Peace Corps? West Africa is the new Hollywood, take it from one who's seen it. And the talent works for peanuts! Come on, Atlas, let me prove to you that the doings here warrant my return to the sacred rolodex.

10:04 AM

Anonymous LauraLee said...

I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it's time to move on and get the #$%&! out of dodge. Being from the East Coast I miss the snow, getting around on the subway and the fast paced lifestyle. But then again I love things here in LA, like the close proximity to the beach, the almost 365 days of the year filled with sunshine which of course means I no longer need to own a lightbox for my seasonal affective disorder :)

9:16 PM

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