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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is The New Heath Ledger: 6.15

Heath Ledger's death is a terrible loss for art.

I want that to be said about me when I die, btw. And I want it to be true.

The dude entrusted with his roles should be Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It goes beyond the fact they both had breakout movie roles in 10 Things I Hate About You. It's the fact that both can act and both act in interesting roles to the point where one is not quite sure what he's gonna do next.

It's also that the resemblance can be uncanny, but it's more than that still.

Let this be said: like Heath Ledger, he chooses interesting roles, this Joseph Gordon-Levitt does.

His judgment is so good, actually, that the fact that a movie has him in it makes it more likely that it is a good movie. And how many 20-something actors can you say that about? Not many.

How many actors generally can you say that about?

Mostly the ones with Oscars, that's who.

But JGL, man if you read this, please, always remember that one thing that makes you so good as to receive this anonymous blogger's mantle is that you work well with others in service of your art. Please don't stop being kind to your fellow professionals. And your fellow human beings while you're at it.

Also, drugs. Stay away, okay? And see a doctor often.

You'll be fine, JGL, Hollywood's assistants will see to it.

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Anonymous roxy B said...

was he on 3rd Rock from the sun?

3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

his better than Heath, heath only have 2 good acting movie. Joseph has plenty & he's been acting for ages..

his not the next heath ledger
his just plain Joseph Gordon-levitt :)

8:07 PM

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