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Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Sympathy, Strike: 6.08

The Writer's Guild is standing up for the rights of the Mash-Up Generation. (that's us youngin's, btw, who've grown up in an age where truly creating your identity from ever more disparate strands is the defining choice of Americans)

That's why they're on strike.

So support them.

And I'd like to offer a helpful hint to studios--think about what ultimately happens if you try to crush the writer's strike.

Your most talented writers get pushed into the cold, harsh world of modern New Media.

Where they'll soon find it costs next to nothing for them to do their own thing.

And not much more to harness the power of collaboration, obviating the need for studios.

Which means you lose your job, studio suit.

So sit down, truly negotiate, and cut in the writers in if you know what's good for you.

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Blogger Cole Matson said...

Thanks for blogging about the strike, Atlas!

8:11 PM

Anonymous LauraLee said...

Atlas-I totally agree on this one, why can;t we all just get along?

9:11 PM

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