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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Putting the Fun(bags) Back Into Politics: 6.05

Still working on the new job...more on that soon...until then, this...

A friend and I got to talking about politics last night and we both kinda surprised to remember that YouTube didn't even exist during the last presidential election. Funny how everyday online video has become.

Anyway, a number of interesting political videos has appeared online, including Obama's "Vote Different/Hillary=1984" video, "Rudy Giuliani - Not a Mormon", and Hillary's Sopranos spoof.

But by far the best trend in election videos? Hot girls.

By now, you've probably at least vaguely heard of Obama Girl, the comely lass with a serviceable voice (not hers) who gained fame (3 million+ youtube views alone) with the surprisingly entertaining online music video "I've Got a Crush [on Obama]".

It's a standard R&B love song about Barack Obama, dressed up with some snappy political references and oddball humor (the Obama pics get overdone, methinks).
Have no idea what I'm writing about?
Watch her video:

And that sparked a "Giuliani Girl" parody of course.

Hillary got "Hott for Hill" which shamelessly utilizes children to spread its message of Hillary being a candidate, or something.

And then along came the creepily hilarious "Kucinich Girl":

Even Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback got some video girl love.

And then came certainly the greatest achievement in online political video to date:

What's not to love about this? Credit goes to for the production.

It's hot girls shaking it while having a lyrical throwdown and then having a pillowfight. With, like, politics and stuff, too.

But frankly, if democracy was just hot girls shaking it in a dance contest, followed by a fierce pillowfight, I think we could manage at least 90% voter turnout among young (hetero) males.

All hail the future of democracy!

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Anonymous anotherassistant said...

That Kucinich video is priceless- but I'm afraid I'm going to be singing "I wanna have sex with Kucinich" under my breath.

9:44 PM

Blogger Grubber said...

So when you go into that little booth and pull the curtain across are there going to be thousands of Rep and Dem girls across the nation offering lapdancers for your vote? :)

3:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who you voting for Atlas?

You've gotta be a Democrat, right?

12:05 AM


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