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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Support Hillary and Work in Media? You're a Traitor: 6:06

I apologize for the provocative title, but I had to get your attention, didn't I?

Because this Hollywood assistant has something to say about politics.

My generation isn't supposed to be into politics because....why again? I've forgotten if there are any other excuses for young people not being engaged besides apathy...

Are there any more excuses? With us youngins being into the interwebs and being all connected and shizznit. We know the score. Lauryn Hill told us.

So this goes out to all the media folk...I urge you to do something you don't normally do-- to remember the past to change the future.

Remember when Hillary, pre-9/11, tilted at videogame and Hollywood violence windmills?
She did.

And it brought the heat down, and certainly delayed the recognition of videogames as both art and a desireable high-tech industry.

Of course, like a lot of her policies, it was a lot of hot air and relatively little action.

Even hubby Bill dissed the admittedly left-wing Sistah Souljah to distance himself from the left wing. The Clintons know how to exploit the fear of Hollywood to win votes in the Heartland.

And in these times when we know the government listens to everything anyway, that's going to have a horribly chilling effect on us media drones who are already afraid to do anything that might get us in trouble with our corporate masters.

Plus, it's pretty much a given these days that people vote for whichever candidate they'd want to have a beer with. Seriously, think back. It goes back to at least the 50s. Think about it.

Do you want to get a beer with Hillary Rodham Clinton? Does anyone?

Here's the thing: I'm afraid the Republicans might somehow win with Giuliani or Law & Order's Fred Thompson. And that would be a catastrophe. But Hillary is just divisive enough to make it happen.

Would you rather get a beer with Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Rodham Clinton? Hillary or Fred Thompson, who seems like he would get kinda drunk and start telling awesomely hilarious dirty stories?

I think he would.

But who doesn't want to have a beer with their new black friend, President Barack Obama? No one. Unless they're racist. And that's only like a third of the voting age population nowadays.

Plus, now would be a good time for a constitutional law professor to take over, what with the complete disregard for the law this Bush administration has embodied? And Hill's not exactly been one to follow the letter of the law herself. Whitewater, anyone?

And Obama's got experience-- as a humble state senator for 8 years, before being a Senator for a couple, plus the whole constitutional law professor, editor of the Harvard Law Review, and community organizer in Chicago for 3 years thing(s).

And it's about effing time we gave a black man a go at the presidency. Besides it being time, just think of how that could restore our dreams a little, and the world's in us even more. And we could use that...a lot.

Also, Barack Obama is part Kansan. And we all know Jesus was a Kansan. At least, that was the slogan of a friend of mine who is dead now. She was awesome while she was around. She'd be an Obama girl, I think.

And finally, media peeps, I think even those of us who find ourselves working for Fox would find it amusing that a show on that network, run by right-winger Joel Surnow no less, could pave the way for a black President so effectively.

Above, future American President Barack Hussein Obama....wait, his middle name is Hussein? We'll even have Arab street cred!

And yes, Senator Obama, that does mean you have to send a thank-you note to Dennis Haysbert. But not to Joel Surnow, unless you're feeling generous.

Oh, and why don't I support John Edwards? Why the seemingly automatic allegiance to Obama?

Besides the proven facts indicating Obama is awesome, it's because Edwards is a douche who gets $400 haircuts.

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Blogger Jay Cam said...

lol hilary is pretty dang scary in that pic!

1:01 PM

Blogger Jay Cam said...

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1:01 PM

Anonymous dudeasincool said...

I will take the guy with the $400 haircuts, but wouldnt be unhappy with Hillary. Obama feels more like a philosopher than a Presidential candidate to me. And don't worry, Atlas...the Republicans are toast--they could run Jesus and they still would lose.

9:09 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Dennis Haysbert's character in the tv series 24 (President David Palmer) should be the type of president that should be elected. One that is truthful, not willing to cover things up, if and when, things go bad...too bad our current "administration", or as I prefer to call the Bush administration "communists" is nowhere near that.

10:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Obama will show his true colors. Here is an example about his position on gay rights,
- he thinks that marriage is between a man and a woman
- he did not take an affirmative stand for gay rights
-he refused to have his picture taken with the mayor of San Francisco because he was afraid of being associated with a politician who has authorized gay marriage in his city.

He will never act for gay people. Hillary on the other hand participated in the gay pride parade in New York and was unequivocal about her position regarding gay rights. She took action.

FYI. People from the working class, hispanics and a great number of women would probably prefer to have a beer with Hillary. Don't presume that everyone is like you.

Let's see what you write on your blog when Obama starts to actually get some experience in politics.

9:33 AM

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