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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bubbles Must Die: Episode 1.27

Bubbles [AbFab reference], our "Comic Relief Intern", is jumping up and down on my last nerve with her purple clogs. Who the hell even wears clogs anymore? Every two minutes she comes to my desk with yet another inane question, distracting me from doing actual work with the busy work that Sloane is making her do.

Sample questions:
"Wait, is Gersh an agency or an agent?" It's a friggin' circus, you moron.
"Which is first, I or K?" Sing the damn alphabet song to yourself and stop bothering me.
"I can't read this handwriting-- can you?" Do I look like a calligraphy analyst?
"Is Warner Independent part of Warner Brothers?" No, it's just a huge coincidence.
"Do I have to file all this stuff?" That's what Sloane told you to do. So do it.
"Is 'Weekend' one word?" I hate you.
"How come there are two separate files for Evolution and Evolution Entertainment?" No, seriously, I hate you.
"Can I go to lunch early?" Please do. Right now.

So if anyone knows a good, cheap assassin, could you let me know? Thanks.


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