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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What Constitutes a Blog Season? Episode 1.23

As you've likely noticed, I call my entries 'episodes' as if Assistant/Atlas were some kind of episodic television program. The normal season of a network series is twenty-two episodes. Yes, some shows have longer seasons [24 & Lost, apparently] and many have shorter seasons [thirteen for mid-season replacement series, fifteen or sixteen for many cable series].

But it seems to me that blogs are a bit different. How many entries must I have before Assistant/Atlas has gone a full season? There's no one out there calling their entries 'episodes' so I think I'm on my own in the blogosphere for this one.

I think doubling the episode count might be appropriate-- which would mean that a blog season would be 44 episodes. At the rate I blog [about 5 episodes/week], that would put me into season two by the end of May or so. Which seems about right. Of course, it would be nice if it was a round number, so maybe I'll do fifty before I launch my sophomore season [I'm already working on new features for it-- get excited!].


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