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Monday, May 02, 2005

Executive of the Week! [#4]

As you may have noticed, the Executive of the Week is now being announced on Monday, since that is the official beginning of the work week. Winners have bragging rights for the entire week until a new Exec of the Week is named.

This week, I'm again going with someone I've never actually met. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine with whom I hadn't spoken in several months. Apparently, she's now an assistant with one of the biggie agencies and had lots of great gossip for me. Of course, I can't share most of it without causing her to lose her job, but I can use the info she provided to help choose the Assistant/Atlas Executive of the Week.

So, without further ado, let us all congratulate Jordanna Fraiberg, Director of Development at Village Roadshow Pictures! According to my sources, Jordanna possess a quick wit, a discerning eye and while she doesn't put up with crap, is nice about doing so. If I'm remembering correctly [I used to talk to the Village Roadshow people until Sloane screwed up our relationship with his psycho b.s.], she hasn't been there too long. Which makes it even more amazing that she's already made an impression in such a short time.

Again, congrats, Jordanna and keep up the good work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true, Jordanna is the best. It's Fraiberg, btw. Smart as hell, and hot too.

4:29 PM


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