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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Overheard at the Urth Caffe [Pt. 2] Episode 1.21

Sloane is going out of town to expense some nights on the town in Vancouver while he 'networks'. I don't mind doctoring the receipts and taxes as long as it gets him out of my hair for awhile.

Because of this I was able to get away to the Urth Caffe for a bit of noshing and people-watching. Oh, that's right-- the Urth Caffe is back. Still among the best gawking, gossiping, eavesdropping places around. And your faithful Assistant/Atlas has the ears to prove it.

"Wasn't our waiter on Melrose Place?"
-Suited guy to his girltoy

No, you're thinking of Grant Show. And he's a waiter somewhere else.

"Just call me 'Lightning Clit'."
-One galpal to another

I have no idea as to the context on this one, but I think it's funnier not knowing.

"Marcia Cross is the biggest bitca on the planet. That woman needs a good beatdown."
-Assistant-y-seeming girl to her friend.

Marcia, say it ain't so. Unfortunately, this sentiment seems to be spreading. Watch it, Marsh, or Hollywood'll go right back to pretending they don't know who you are.

"Don't you think it's the least bit evil to work for such a huge media conglomerate?"
"Why? I get health benefits."
-Sincere guy and his totally-hollywood pal

No comment.

"How about this-- Terry Schiavo as a horror. You open with like her- in the hospital- and there are protesters, outside chanting [does chanting motion]. And then there's a ghost, that starts killing people around the hospital until finally they remove her feeding and she dies and the ghost goes away. It's totally 'Amityville Horror.'"
-Actually overheard following a production meeting [thanx a.b.]

Sadly, I think this probably would make money for some hard-up prod. co.

"So there's two gay networks- Here and Logo?"
"Well, three if you count Bravo."
-Chatty, happy gay couple

And props to Bravo for being wicked gay before being gay was cool.

"You could've funded an entire slate of indie films with the money they're spending on trailers for 'XXX'."
-Observant hipster

Considering that the first XXX was a geek cumming his superspy fantasy all over Vin Diesel, it's probably a good idea to really goose those opening-weekend numbers.

"If I read one more angel/demon fighting apocalypse story by some dumba** from Nebraska, I'm gonna, I dunno, kill everything beautiful."
-A guy who apparently has a worse job than I do.

Keep chattering tinselrati. Atlas out.


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