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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back to Urth: 2.15

Yes, it's back to the old Peach Pit, the Bronze, Cheers-- that corner clever corner bar/cafe where I can while away my time with a mug of tea or whatever other crap I have to swill down while eavesdropping. It's hard work, I know, but I'm a masochist and I've gotta do it.

By the way, thanks for the commentary on the What the New Age Limit? post. My love life really appreciates it.

"Those people in Salem should shut the f*ck up before they don't get the statue and no one cares."
-Angry thirtysomething in 'business casual'

He's referring to the Bewitched statue that Nick at Nite built to honor the town's commitment to paganism, er, no, to promote the movie?

"Sometimes doing this just makes me want to kill everything beautiful."
-One industryite to another while their outrageously self-involved producer-type was in the bathroom.

I hear ya man, that's why I eventually had to take my Picassos off the wall--kept punching right through.

"You're dating someone who looks like Famke Janssen and you're somehow worried about it? Now that's what I call f*cked-up priorities."
-My little brother in an email to me upon reading the blog

I know it's not from the Urth, but it made me laugh.

"Botox is for people who can't afford a facelift."
-A woman who looked like she'd had several to her galpal

And facelifts are for people who can't afford to bathe in the blood of virgins.

"Scientology is ruining everything-- first Beck, now Katie Holmes."
-Hipster to his equally-hip friend

Not to mention those survey-takers on Hollywood who make me want to punch them. Has anyone ever escaped from Scientology, by the way?

"You know what I wish grew on trees? Cocaine."
-A different hipster to his slightly-less-hip friend

Wish granted-- assuming you're okay with bushes, not trees. (I really wish I knew the context on this one, but they were just passing by)

"I think a lot of times, European films don't make sense on purpose."
-Fortysomething woman to her hubby

And I think a lot of times, American films suck because we're pandering to people like you.


Blogger LeeLoreya said...

lot of popular wisdom here.

your brother is right, ice queen janssen lookalike is really dream stuff.

fortysomething woman is also right, european films tend to focus on their bellybutton, mesmerized by their artsy incoherence.

as for scientology, I think Juliette Lewis fared pretty well, she's not that fucked up. Yet.

12:59 AM

Blogger cinekat said...

Overheard at a Prague casting last week:
"I came back (from H'wood) because I simply couldn't find work. They said my face moved too much..."
-absolutely stunning unbotoxed or lifted French actress to fellow castee

3:36 AM

Blogger Abrasive Entertainment said...

i used to wonder why hollywood made insultingly dumb movies. then i read the imdb message boards and it all made sense. i don't blame hollywood any more.

8:12 AM

Blogger LeeLoreya said...

oh i think it's more grey than this. I am becoming really sceptic and fearful about going to see a french movie here, they are turning into either americanized popular comedies, americanized thrillers, or arrogant pretentious horsecrap. Luckily, there are still some real auteurs, but good french films are scarce.
As for hollywood, I am open to all kind of material that doesn't show the entire point of the movie in the trailer. Mhh, lemme just think, last hollywood movie that came out here.. the interpreter: brilliant, rather 70s rather classical, intelligent movie! hollywood is limited democracy, ideas come in all shapes and sizes, all you gotta do is tame the Big Cigar Smoking Moguls.


10:03 AM


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