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Friday, June 24, 2005

Executive of the Week, Season Two!

I found one! So we're back here on Friday.

Yes, that's right, as promised, the Executive of the Week is back. And that makes me happy. Happy to have found someone to restore a little of my tattered faith, to add some lustre to that glittering Hollywood dream.

Now, as some of you guessed [good work, team!] I have been having trouble filling spots on the Exec of the Week list. So, from this time forward, Assistant/Atlas Executive of the Week and Asstastic Exec of the Week will rotate, each getting a week off to rest its karma.

So this is a happy week-- we've got some good lovin' to give out. But since this is a dude, it will be strictly platonic lovin'. But all lovin' is good loving, right my brothers?

Get to it, Atlas--who is it? Why it's Joseph LeFavi, Director of Development at Ardustry Entertainment. Ardustry is a hot little company at the moment since its takeover by former Paxson Communications and Paramount TV Group prexies, They're leveraging their Hollywood skillz to bring some biz to Ardustry's DVD catalogue, ramp up production and assemble intellectual property, word.

And darned if little Joey Jo Jo ain't the perfect man for the job*. His enthusiasm for scripts can be infectious, resulting in happier pitching for all. And since they actually read the material you send them, it's happy times all around.

Seriously, though, this guy is committed to his job developing material-- and he has incentive to actually develop material thanks to Ardustry's plans. Frankly, I envy him-- he's in a great job at a great time. Joe, if you read this, remember that. It is your duty to not screw up-- Hollywood needs you. BO is way down, Bollywood is nipping at our heels, piracy is chewing at our margins and craptasticity permeates many a H'wood product. It's up to you to make sure our DVD market is saturated with a wide array of good niche films. Development, like pimpin', ain't easy. But like pimpin', it can be fun. Words to live by, people, words to live by. . .

So to Joseph LeFavi I say "Thank you." And keep it up man, and together, we just might save this town.

*Never having met Joe I don't know if he is, in fact, little. What matters is that his heart is big-- and that his mind is actively functioning.*
PS-- Sorry for screwing up your name before, Joe. Rest assured that the appropriate persons have been flogged repeatedly.


Blogger B2 said...

A big heart can be a serious medical problem, and Joe should have that checked out.

3:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Joe LeFavi. A friend of mine directed me to this blog, and man am I touched. Thank you so very much for this. It's a great idea actually, highlighting the genuine people in Hollywood. As we all know, it's hard to find an agent or exec without a dorsal fin.

And to all you assistants out there, at the risk of sounding cheesy, keep the magic alive out there. Don't let this town turn into the new Wall Street. Keep fighting for your passion projects, and don't wait for the perfect script to come your way. Great films are out there waiting for heartfelt people like us to find them. When you do, you know where to find me. I'm always looking for passionate people and a good read. I can't promise I'll read it that very night, but if you come from a legitimate company and the elements sound promising, I'll give it a shot. Hey, we're all looking for those two hours of greatness that'll shine on the silver screen. I hope we all find it.

Until then, keep fighting and thanks again.

*And no, I’m not little. I’m a solid 5’10” with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a humungous... office. :) I enjoy writing, Chinese food, strolls through the park, and fireside cuddling.

9:52 AM

Anonymous Curious said...

Joe left ardustry. Does anyone know where he went?

11:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe is now incredibly happy as Story Editor at The Jim Henson Company, and still reads faster and works harder than any person I know. Looks like he found himself a good home!!! Hooray for Hollywood!!!

5:29 PM

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