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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Funny for Friday, not as funny Saturday: 2.10

While this probably means I'll never be able to buy a good bootleg from a street vendor in LA again, I think one day intellectual property laws might just protect gems like the link below.

If only George Lucas had used Chinese DVD pirates to write his dialogue, instead of whatever vaguely-retarded computer did, I might've liked Revenge of the Sith. Might have.

Oh...and just in case you were thinking about it-- yet another reason to not work at Fox. Somewhere, Rupert Murdoch hears the news, shrugs his shoulders, and continues beating the seven-year-old Vietnamese boys who shine his shoes.

And last but not least, this is why I love that Britain is still a constitutional monarchy. [via Trent's Pink Is the New Blog]



Now it's not as funny...

So the "Chinese DVD pirates write his dialogue" link is down, probably overwhelmed by Star Wars geek traffic. Or, if you're paranoid, was closed a by stormtrooper squad of Lucas lawyers. I'm trying to remember all the best lines, but one involved is up on a screen capture over at Defamer, and it's a doozie: It's Ewan to Hayden: "They want to know him at f*ck" is the subtitle. The others were also quite hilarious, having been translated back into English from the dubbed-in-Chinese version. Anything about the Force is translated as "The Presbyterian Church". Having been confirmed into the Presbyterian Church, this makes me giggle like a wee schoolgirl. I don't know why. I simply want to own this DVD. But thanks to those knobmaster anti-piracy advocates in this stupid industry, I'll probably never have the chance. Sigh.

Now I know I announced the imminent arrival of 'the roomie' and/or Geeky Roommate a few days ago-- and he hasn't posted yet. The main reason is that the poor guy has been working like a dog. He's got one of those on-again-off-again editing gigs where he works like 16-18 hours/day for five days straight, then doesn't work for a week. It's kinda crazy. But I do think he's eager to post, so hopefully we'll hear from him soon.


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