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Thursday, June 23, 2005

What's the New Age Limit?: 2.14

He's 42, she's newly 30.
He's about 43, she's 26.
She's 43, he's 27.
[for the record, that's Brangelina, TomKat and DemiKutcher, respectively]

If celebrities are any indicator, the public has become more comfortable-- and WAY more interested-- with generation-gap relationships. Atlas himself has joined the trend, dating an older woman who resembles a Spanish Famke Janssen.

She knows about the blog and prefers if I didn't talk about her, I think, although she's never specifically said so. But after that highly-provocative Angelina Jolie picture and post [it didn't help that Geeky Roommate told her I spent 'two hours' looking for it, which was at least an hour of exaggeration]. But Famke, as I'll call blogname her, is a great girlfriend-- she's almost unconscionably sweet, smart in that quiet & wise way, successful and very, very sexy. It shouldn't matter that she several years older than I am, right?

Growing up in the suburbs of the Midwest, I always heard that to figure out the youngest person you 'should' or 'could' date, you took half your age and added seven. This actually seems to work out pretty well. An 18-year-old shouldn't date someone younger than sixteen, which seems right. By the same measure, a 42-year-old shouldn't date someone younger than 28. It would make TomKat and DemiKutcher icky, but Brangelina okay. This also seems about right. But is it? Maybe the weirdness in those relationships comes from something else? In these cases, I'd say TomKat's obvious fauxmance and the fact that Ashton could almost date Demi's eldest daughter with less of a stir [almost...Rumer's still underage] could be causing the ick factor.

But, perhaps, have we, for now, 'gotten over' relationships that feature wide age disparities? To me, the answer is yes and no. Yes, they are more socially acceptable now, no we haven't gotten over our fascination with them.

Yes, no? Maybe so? I'd appreciate your comments.

Guys, if your woman looked like this, would you cheat? I didn't think so. Now please tell her by commenting. Thank you.


Anonymous McNasty said...

The universe must be fair, after all. All of the drama with your job gets balanced out by a funny-as-hell blog and a girlfriend that looks like Famke Janssen. Lucky dawg...

2:27 PM

Anonymous Noli said...

I have to say if you can honestly compare your girlfriend to Miss Jean Gray herself (and not have people out right laugh at you) then, my friend, you are doing all right.

Personally I'd love to date someone older than me, and if I'm still single when I'm better believe I'll be trying to tap some young 20something booty.

: )

2:32 PM

Blogger cinekat said...

Currently seeing a younger guy myself, which turns nary a head here in Europe. You silly Puritans! Still, I was secretly relieved when I passed the half-plus-seven test...
Word of advice to you boys: inspite of the current obsession with appearing younger, older chicks are quite simply more fun in the sack!

4:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you bottom out/hit back wall when you stick it in like Dr. Troy did when he banged Famke on last season's Nip/Tuck?

Just curious,

Bored on Melrose

2:44 PM

Blogger Abrasive Entertainment said...

i'm 34 . . . she's 23 . . .

i just pass the test.

damn, i thought i was all pervy and stuff. ahh, well.

3:30 AM

Blogger london cokehead said...

Your only as old as the bird your feeling !!

And that's all i have to say about that ...

4:41 PM

Anonymous guile said...

she'd read your mind..

2:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was going out with a 37 year old when i was 17....was the best thing that ever happened to me. great in bed, sexy, smart, tall slim blonde with great boobs and a drop sexy ass, not too tight and not too loose..was absolutely perfect, best sex id ever had, 2 adorable kids which i stil love 2day but unfortunately dont see anymore, own place, was set for life, got on like a house on fire and understood each other like windows and a virus (they work so well together!!!) unfortunately my parents found out and it ended there and from then on my life has never been shitter still 5 years on and im still in love with her. not a bad thing, or a bad case of "get over her" just cant be together anymore due to parents

4:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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