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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Whisper Price Game: Buffyverse Edition

Sarah Michelle Gellar hit the big $40 million opening with The Grudge, then agency-swapped in the wake of the Wirstschafter article, and now has signed up for some new work. She's pretty much A-list, especially since she's got a celeb husband with a new show but I doubt she's quite at the $20 mil superstar mark quite yet.

David Boreanaz seems like he's doing okay-- on a decent new show, "Bones", and with work set on a slew of projects, including the new Crow movie. Not bad, considering EW once wondered if the broodalicious actor would turn into an Ian Ziering. All in all, I'd say that's not likely at this point. But not having the proven box office of Sarah Michelle, just what would David's whisper price be?

Alyson Hannigan has cast her lot with a new show as well-- "How I Met Your Mother". Alyson does have some box office cachet, thanks to the American Pie trilogy, though she currently has no film projects in the works. Is it because she's too busy with her show, or is it hubby Alexis Denisof that's she getting busy with? All I know is that she's a friggin' amazing actress [best in the Buffyverse hands down] and deserves a high whisper price. But does she have one?

Michelle Trachtenberg has also faired well, top-lining Disney's Ice Princess, doing a hilarious guest stint on Six Feet Under, and with at least four film projects in the works. Plus, being the youngest member of the cast, Trachtenberg's price is most likely to rise. She also gets some points for dating rising star Shawn Ashmore [X2's Iceman], especially if they don't get married but have an awful public breakup involving Paris Hilton or a dance-off.

Aside from these four, though, there isn't a ton of work going around to the Buffyverse kids. Emma Caulfield did the awful Darkness Falls. Xander went gay for a tv movie-- and did do the highly-underrated Psycho Beach Party. Anthony Stewart Head's done some respectable theater [and a Rocky Horror run, too, I hear]. Charisma Carpenter got a couple guest spots on Charmed and is reported to be in heavy contention [along with Sarah Michelle] for the Joss Whedon-helmed "Wonder Woman" movie, but is basically an unknown box office draw.

So can you guess the whisper prices for the pictured four? And what would about the other various cast members? Should they get anything above scale?


Anonymous jesus said...

Don't forget that xander also has a new comedy/sitcom coming up in the fall that doesn't look horrible.

on the prices, i don't know.

10:15 AM

Blogger cinekat said...

Also, check out Anthony Stewart Head in the British comedy series "Little Britain"!
In a truly just world, Hanigan, Marsters and whatsherface who played Faith would win whisperprice ... as it is, I think the Buffster will conquer as always.

4:06 AM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

Yeah, Xander is in Kitchen Confidential, which is pretty decent. How I Met Your Mother is good as well, but I was not a fan of Bones. Not David's fault, but I don't see it lasting long.

4:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atlas, you somehow you manage to get the hottest pictures EVER-- I was never attracted to Michelle Trachtenberg until right now.
SMG: $15 mil
DB: $1.25 mil
AH: .75 mil
MT: $1.25 (before picture)
MT: $2.5 mil (after picture)

5:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, Seth Green?

8:15 PM

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