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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Geeky Roommate Joins Blog, Gets Name Upgrade: 2.08

Assistant/Atlas now has his first official team member slash guest blogger slash cool new character, my Geeky Roommate, who is calling himself simply "roomie" in all further posts. Of course, I personally shall continue to call him Geeky Roommate because I have to live with his funky geek a$$. As one commentator put it, he's a sort of Robin to my Batman, but we're totally not gay. Well, I'm not. He got drunk one time and called Vin Diesel 'hot'. . .

Anyway, I do love in the guy in a platonic way [roomie, not Vin Diesel], so I will say some nice things about him:
-Good movie taste and good pop culture taste in general. Better than mine in a lot ways, actually. And certainly a deeper comic knowledge base.
-He's got Holy Geek Purity: he possesses that pure fanboy joy that instinctively differentiates between pure awesomeness and faux-awesomeness. And you just gotta admire that, as emotionally immature as it may make some.
-Keen eye for editing and cinematography that often causes him to snicker or inhale sharply in awe at [to me] seemingly random intervals during films.
-He makes me laugh. Oh, God is this guy funny. He doesn't seem like it in person, at first. But he's one of those guys that when he gets going, he's hilarious. I'm hoping that transfers to his writing. I think at first he may just provide some cool links and blurbs and such.

So that's the Atlas news for the day. Tune in tomorrow for more Whisper Price game featuring some dueling teen queens played by twentysomethings.

Do you think this man is hot?
Then you agree with the roomie [when intoxicated].


Anonymous McNasty said...

Alright! That's one down and two more to go (still waiting for you to sign Assistant Unemployed and Trailer Maker for this season). Going for the trifecta...

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey roomie, dish some dirt on Atlas-- I wanna know what skeletons he's got in his metaphorical closet.

4:56 PM


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