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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Assistant/Atlas Asstastic Executive of the Week

This week's evil Exec of the Week prize goes not just to a single executive, but to an entire production company that I consider Asstastic. In my opinion, these people take snobbery to a whole new level-- which is saying a lot, considering the industry in which I work. Every phone conversation with them seems to end in agony. Now, I'm fine with hurried conversations-- I know we're all busy. That's why I talk fast. But there's talking fast and there's being curt. I know the difference-- and so do most assistants. And this may just be one lower-level employee there, but if you pretend to listen to us, we're gonna figure it out. Why? Well, because we only tell you the basics of what you need to hear. So when we refer back to things we just told you and you ask us about them-- you waste your precious time and OURS!

This week's Assistant Atlas Asstastic Executives of the Week are the people at Weed Road Pictures. Weed Road is the production company helmed by Akiva Goldsman. I would like to stress that not everyone there sucks, but enough people do that I hate a seething blanket hatred for your entire company.

Look, you're a highly-respected production company in the sense that Akiva's involved in highly-praised films [well, not the ones you produce-- the people at Query Letters would have a field day with queries for "Deep Blue Sea" and "Constantine"]. But why not have a sterling professional reputation to boot? We all know you can get away with it as long as Akiva Goldsman is at the helm, but why not take this opportunity to realize that courteous professionalism is not that hard, and it's way better than being Asstastic(TM pending).

Now, it may just be me. Maybe everyone else in H'wood just loves them. But if there's one thing I learned from the Executive of the Week it's that I don't seem to be treated any better or worse by anyone in the industry. The people who were good to me were good to everyone [and were highly praised even in anonymous comments]. So I'm hoping it's vice-versa-valid. But lemme know. Defend your favorites employees there. Or agree with me and leave your own trashing of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atlas, it's not just you. I'm betting you had to deal with world-class a-hole Adam Schon. Not fun. Someone I know is friends with Kerry Foster [their big cheese] and supposedly she's pretty cool. But let's put it this way-- Weed Road is my least fave WB shingle.

12:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just you, they're, at best, barely professional. And what's up with Akiva Goldsman writing great movies and then producing really crappy ones?

7:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contrary to the above comment, i hear Kerry Foster is a nightmare and orders her husband around as if he were another one of their dogs. She gives women with power in the entertainment industry a bad name.

Let's face it... the choice in projects speak for the level of intelligence and overall consciousness they exhibit.

11:21 AM

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