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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Truly An Amazing Race: 4.28

If you aren't familiar with the hit show "The Amazing Race," then get with the times, people. The premise is that various types of teams race around the world doing local challenges in a race to win a million dollars.

The reason it's taken so long to take off ratings-wise is that its original season debuted just after 9/11. Now in its 8th-ish season (syndication baby!- OLN should grab it because the Travel Channel is too stupid to do so), "The Amazing Race" continues to provide fresh insight into global conditions, attitudes toward Americans, adventerous travel experiences, positive reinforcement for education, among other positive attributes.

Last season, in the much-loathed family edition, the racers mostly just drove around the US. This season, fortunately, they headed abroad immediately-- and not just to some semi-American, developed place like Canada or New Zealand--to Brazil.

I loved how they essentially started in Sao Paulo (after a race for flights in Denver). Then, thanks to delays, the plane that was supposed to land first, landed last. Remember travelers, when racing and making connections, always consider the weather and on-time rates for cities.

Finally, I think Phil (the host) and I are rooting for the hippies, the awesome nerds from Kansas, and the mother-daughter team. As long as these three teams at least make it to the final 5, I'll be happy. And if it comes down to them, then all the better. Right, Phil?

To help keep up with all the goings-on and see where everyone's been, there's a helpful Google Maps Mash-up showing the progress of the teams. You can find it online here:


Look for an upcoming segment in Kansas City when they get down to 5-7 teams. They'll run around the Country Club Plaza for sure, and we'll see where else they go. From what I've heard, it is a pretty international season overall, especially once they start cutting down on teams. So hopefully, Kansas City is just a quick stop on the way to somewhere cooler-- much like it is in real life.



Blogger JimmyD said...

The Jaunted Map thingie is awesome.
Almost as awesome as Phil's pants.
I want the old people gone next week. "We're gonna be eliminated, we're gonna be eliminated." Shut up woman!

Are you a TWOP reader?

1:27 PM


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