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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Best Movies for 4/20

On this darkest of days (Hitler's b-day, Columbine, etc.) let us celebrate the eternal good that's been brought to you by a very special little creation of God's-- marijuana. Oh, sweet marijuana, how you've helped me get through some difficult days. It's only right that you get one day dedicated to the smoking of you!

Now, for everyone's festivities today, may I suggest the following movies for watching while enjoying this glorious day.

Up In Smoke: Now who says I don't appreciate the classics?

Primer: Don't worry, you won't get it when you're sober, either. But it's way cooler when you're high.

The Wizard of Oz w/Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon: Start Dark Side of the Moon on the opening credit lion's third roar and they'll sync up-- if you're stoned and really want them to.

Dazed & Confused: Watch for hidden pot smoking: Jason London's belt buckle has a pipe in it. Plus, how awesome is Matthew McConaughey in this movie? Wicked awesome.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas: For some reason, critics didn't like this movie. Either they'd never read Hunter S. Thompson's book, or they weren't high enough? This movie is one of the reasons Johnny Depp was created.

Feel free to comment on your own favorite four-twenty-esque films.

Oh...and get really, really high.



Blogger Dabbler said...

I've got to differ with you on this -- Fear and Loathing is a wonderful movie, but it can really freak you out if you're under the influence. Crawling carpets... need I say more?

I would also add Half Baked to the list. That's some fine Chappelle work!

12:58 PM

Blogger econoclast said...

That plant doesn't look like any Maryjane I've ever seen. In fact, it looks like something out of Fear and Loathing that's about to start creeping about and smoking me.

2:35 PM

Blogger Jason B. said...

Open Letter to Mary Jane on 4/20/06

You broke my heart, b*tch! I loved you. I traveled the world for you and I traveled the world to get you off my back. I wrote a screenplay about you [currently available, btw - post a comment here -]. I’ve ruined friendships over you – remember Paul? And still I haven’t been able to make peace. What’s it gonna be? All or nothing? I’m married, I’ve got a kid on the way, you can’t keep ringing me up. I’m not your booty call anymore. Oh, you’re like, “It’s cool. Go your own way.” But I know you’re a liar. You lied before. Now, whenever I do you, I get all paranoid. I think, “D*amn, I used to get really high. Now I know why Sorkin switched to crack.” I’m not moving to crack!

You don’t do it for me anymore. Sure, I’d love to smoke a jay when I go see Royksopp, but how’m I gonna get just one jay? I got to call my man, or get one of those medical prescriptions. My man doesn’t want to sell a jay’s worth and I don’t have the time or cash to for all that medical whooptie-doo. If I have more that a jay’s worth I’ll smoke nonstop/wakeandbake/247. I don’t even want to call my man. Skanky a** Hollywood apartment and the dude has a twenty year old girlfriend. Makes me uncomfortable. Sh*it. I keep thinking he’s going to try to pimp her out to me. [see above - MARRIED, KID COMING!]

Anyway, Mary Jane, it’s time to let me go. We had a good run. A real good run. Remember when we went out with Mike and his German girlfriend and I ordered a Sprite and a Dr. Pepper at Bennigan’s, but no food. The waitress was like, “Did you want something to eat with that?” D*amn, I was stoned.

It’s time for you to find some new friends, like Atlas. He’s cool. Kick back with him and watch The Graduate or Harold and Kumar.

5:05 PM

Blogger cinekat said...

Waking Life does it for me, as of course does the eternal classic The Wall. Sigh. Things I'd rather be doing than sitting in the office right now...

11:16 PM

Blogger darth1sbw said...


6:44 AM

Blogger Fun Joel said...

I'm going to concur on Half Baked.

I'll also add the cliche: The Wall.

And finally: LABYRINTH!

9:14 AM

Blogger underwire said...

Donnie Darko. Saw it a bunch of times un-high, then once stoned immoveable. Fantastic!

3:54 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Dabbler: You're a pussy. Just kidding. Mostly. I do love Half-Baked, but I was trying not to go for obvious ones.
Econoclast: I love Google Image Search.
JasonB: You crazyie.
CineKat: Waking Life is an interesting choice, but a good 'un.
Fun Joel: LABYRINTH=AWESOME! You win the 4/20 prize! I totally forgot what it was, though.
DF: Donnie Darko is too creepy for me when stoned, but points for the thought.

And thanks for playing, kids!

11:47 PM

Anonymous Greg said...

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6:33 AM

Blogger Ross said...

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas is a great movie, one of my favorites, I would add to the list maybe "pineapple express".
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6:17 AM


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