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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My All-Time Favorite Chloe Sevigny Story: 4.40

This is Chloe Sevigny. You may know her for such previous affronts to cinema as "The Brown Bunny" and "Shattered Gay" (not a typo-feeling mean today).

Recently, she's managed not to totally ruin the new HBO series "Big Love". In fact, she's not terrible because she plays a quiet raging stupidface character. . . so it's believable. Also, any series that can effectively use Tina Majorino, Amanda "Lily Kane" Seyfried, Mary Kay Place, Grace Zabriskie, and Bill Paxton's junk is all right in my book.

And Ginnifer Goodwin is just plain delightful. She's a keeper, Topher. Moving on...

This Chloe Sevigny story is brought to you by my friend Crazy Kate (who is mildly crazy but not named Kate). Now, Crazy Kate is an eerily fast-rising fashion designer who happens to be younger than me and very in tune with LA's bourgeoning "underground" (air quotes, sigh, roll eyes at inanity of that expression, move on) fashion scene.

Anyway, Crazy Kate had some of her clothes in a fashion show/party/store/launch thingie...and perhaps I should try to relate the story as I heard it.

Now, thanks to Crazy Kate, my favorite Chloe Sevigny story of all time...

CRAZY KATE: So it was at the warehouse, right, and there are all these celebrities and random LA people. But I'm kinda not into that, so I started drinking. And I pounded like 8 beers in an hour. And then there were these girls who were like "Smoke with us!" and I was like whatever and it turns out it was hash. The point is, I'm really f***** up. So I see Chloe Sevigny kind of over in the corner so I go over and start talking to her about all this random fashion stuff and about labor conditions and waste and recycling stuff...

[ed. note: that's 100% in character for Kate]

CRAZY KATE: And then apparently I kind of run out of gas and I sigh and say something like, "Yeah, so I'm a little over the revolution."

CHLOE SEVIGNY: Yeah, I'm so OVER the revolution.

CRAZY KATE: And then I'm like: "Aren't you from Connecticut or something and have rich parents? Yeah--I bet you're over the revolution."

ATLAS: (interrupting) DUDE! Did you actually say that to Chloe Sevigny?

CRAZY KATE: Apparently. I only sort of remember. Other people told me I did.

ATLAS: That's awesome!

CRAZY KATE: Wanna know the best part, though?

ATLAS: Can it get any better?

CRAZY KATE: Um, she bought a dress off one of my racks.

ATLAS: Holy crap- did she know she was buying your dress?

CRAZY KATE: I don't think so. I didn't sell it to her, my partner did. And after that happened, it wasn't like she was gonna volunteer that information.

ATLAS: I love you.

CRAZY KATE: Join the club.



Anonymous Tiffany said...

good story. I don't get how Chloe managed to get an HBO show. BTW: How do you know Crazy Kate?

12:21 AM

Anonymous a_reader said...

"I don't know how Chloe managed to get an HBO show"...

Seen Brown Bunny? Same sort of talent...

7:35 PM

Blogger Maisie Chainsaw said...

Amazing. I love this story!

10:07 AM

Blogger CharlieDontSurf said...

I like your friends more than mine.
Yours are more interesting.

12:45 AM

Anonymous Lalagirl said...

I love Chloe! she never fails to surprise- an actress with balls! don't hate!

10:56 AM

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12:45 PM

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