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Monday, April 03, 2006

Pimp My Advertiser

Michelle Lamar, of the irony-chic stronghold "White Trash Palace" has had her exploits chronicled by the Washington Post. It's nice to see my low-key advertisers like Michelle getting some press. If you'd like to read all about her in the WaPo, click here.

So congrats!

Now everyone, go check out White Trash Palace!


Blogger queen of wt said...

Thanks Atlas for your pimping the Palace in your column. That was extremely nice of you and I am sorry that I have been so...White not giving you thanks until now.
Your blog continues to rock, you patron saint of hollywood assistants! PS-Read on some other blog that you got a new gig and are "free at last". Good for you but please continue the blog!

7:30 PM


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