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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SPECIAL: Open Source Media Slogans!

Since I've discovered that everyone finds my ruminations on New Media boring (at least judging by the lack of comments) that I think what the situation calls for is a little of the ole showbiz razzamadazzle, that It factor, that good PR glow.

So obviously this calls for slogans. And since they're open source slogans, it's only fair that everyone feel free to use them as they like. Enjoy.

Open Source: Because Everyone Is Smarter Than You

Attention Development Execs: With Open Source, Stealing Everyone Else's Ideas Is Not Only Legal, But Encouraged!

And here's a potential mascot. Because everyone knows things are more acceptable when they're represented by really cute animals. And who doesn't like penguins? Not Hollywood, that's for sure. Well, Warner Brothers, anyway. Moving on...

Open Source: Because It's Too Hard Not To Plagiarize

New Video Camera from Best Buy: $500
Snazzy new Apple with video editing software: $3000
Look on Les Moonves' face when you destroy his business model: Priceless

Open Source Media: You Are Your Media.
Open Source: You Are Your Media Diet.

Think Movies Suck? Do Something About It.

And finally, for all you assistants out there...

Open Source Eats CAA's Babies

Everyone, feel free to contribute your own...that's what comments are for.