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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stacked: Episode 1.16

Dear Fox Television Programming Executives,

It's high time you guano-for-brains did something right. And I'm man enough to admit when you have. So thank you, Fox, for the Pamela Anderson sitcom, Stacked.

I'm so proud that you've given plucky little Pam and her enormous, enormous bazoombas their own show. But being the creative executives that you are, you put her in a bookstore! Genius! That way, we, the viewing public, can not only see Pam and her breasts every week [and hopefully every day if it makes it to syndication], but we can learn about her reading habits as well!

Personally, I was ecstatic to learn that Pam is tired of being known only for the massive floatation devices on her chest and wants to be famous for her literary proclivities as well. Right on!

And the super-great thing about the show is that it's hilariously, riotously funny! I mean, I know I was only supposed to laugh 67 times according to the laugh track, but I actually laughed 74 times [including chortles].

Plus, you've got Christopher Lloyd in there as-- get this!-- a wacky smart-guy professor type. How nuttily inventive!

So thanks, Fox, for giving this funny lady with giant rack her own show. I hope it lasts just as long as your other great shows!

Much love,


PS- Here's a quote that I just know Pam'll love.

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right-- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't." -Eleanor Roosevelt

On a more serious note, Fox is totally ruining its sitcoms with laugh tracks. I actually thought 'Method & Red' was kinda funny in a much smarter, more quirky way than I expected, but the laugh track kept going off all the time instead of letting the humor build. 'Life on a Stick' is also being hurt by its laugh track, though its jokes aren't quite up to par anyway. Listen, if you want a laugh track, film in front of a live, studio audience. Otherwise, forget it.


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