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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hey WB! If you're smart, you'll pick up Joan NOW!: 2.03

Look, I don't even watch Joan of Arcadia regularly, but I'm making this post about the TV show Joan of Arcadia on behalf of all fans who've lost their favorite television program. Most of you, I'm sure, are angry at Fox. Understandable. I'm still nursing a Wonderfalls grudge. If they'd put that on after American Idol...but I digress.

With contracts due to expire June 15, there's practically no time and little likelihood that this will happen. Which is a shame, because it means that the weblets are kinda dumb.

That's right, WB. I'm talking to you. Pick up Joan. Put that good actress [not Mary Steenburgen] back to work. You of all networks should know the power of a popular series. Joan, even with its demographically-undesireable 8 million viewers, now has the buzz and always had the dedication to be at least as strong as Gilmore Girls, especially if given a second lease on life. And WB, when was the last time one of your drama series [or any of your series] got 8 million viewers? Oh, that's right, NEVER. Smallville got maybe 6-6.5 mil, but that's stretching it. Nowadays it's happy in the 5-ish range. And while One Tree Hill is coming on strong, it's still nowhere near 8 mil.

But if you're a WB exec, you might ask-- where to put it? God, almost anywhere. Give it a year off then use it to replace Charmed [with better numbers]. Or put it on literally any other night for the likelihood of better numbers-- and please replace one of the mildly-retarded-sounding new dramas you've picked up.

Now, it might make even more sense for UPN to pick up Joan. It'd probably be a better lead-in for Veronica Mars, though America's Next Top Model is currently UPN's 'big hit'. Why not show move these shows to say, Sundays? UPN has zero presence on Sunday and while Joan and Veronica will inevitably be slaughtered by Extreme Makeover and Desperate Housewives, they'll still hold their own in DVD sales. And right now, that's probably the best UPN can hope for.

The point is, once again, executives are being morons. Once again, tv execs are letting a good show get away. And once again, the viewing public will be disappointed. And once again, execs have no one to blame but their assistants.


Blogger B2 said...

Wife likes Joan... she also is a huge fan of Gilmore. Come to think of it, she introduced me to "Scrubs"... no wonder i married her!

11:22 AM

Blogger Janet said...

Hey, stranger things have happened. Personally, I wish one of the networks would spring for American Dreams.

7:19 PM


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