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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Interseason News

Hey Putnam-- I'm on to you trying to pose as me with Jay Thomas. Nice try, muthaf**ka. Nice f***ing try.

Shawn, my email address remains, as ever, There is someone out there trying to impersonate me and I won't stand for it. How's that?

Assistant/Atlas will premiere the second season with a new and improved blog in a few days. In the meantime, why not enjoy one of the other supersweet blogs from the links list?

Also, please cast your last-minute votes for guest bloggers...that's episode 1.47 if you can't find it. See, aren't those episode things helpful?

OH-- agent's assistants! Atlas is launching the Executive of the Week's evil doppelganger-- the Assface Executive of the Week [a name change may be happening]. So if you wanna get your hate on with an exec-- let me know so they can be publicly and forcefully castrated. Or just humiliated, depending on the circumstances. Email with your horror stories, gripes and grudges. Don't worry, we're all about anonymity here at Assistant/Atlas.

VOTE: What should the evil doppelganger of the Executive of the Week be named?
-Assface Executive of the Week
-Jerk of the Week
-Incompetent Executive of the Week
-Imbecile of the Week
-Hollow (wo)Man of the Week
-Craptastic Exec of the Week
-Infantile Executive of the Week
-Publicly Shamed Executive of the Week
-Douchebag of the Week [suggested by McNasty]


Anonymous McNasty said...

Hey, Atlas, why not "Douchebag of the Week"?

12:42 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Yes, good, I like that. Douchebag of the Week has a nice ring.

1:29 PM

Blogger Grace said...

I like Craptastic Exec o' the Week. After all, crap is what you're famous for.

2:53 PM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

self important prick of the week?
deluded toolbox?
overpaid a-hole?

5:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

his interview would be much cooler than your's.

7:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what was inside those asterisks?

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet he got more hits from the sa thread then he's ever had to this shitty blog :(

you rock putnam, too bad some prick messed it up.

8:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

posting in this internet thread

8:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at me. I'm paying people to poop on stuff, too. I'll pay every person that poops on assistant atlas's blog $100. Not only that, but we'll throw in a complementary fruit basket and ass freshener.

May the internet gods look down upon you and feed you sandwiches, assistant atlas. Sandwiches made of ass and poo.

8:44 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

To be really honest with everyone, I was flabbergasted that anyone would try and impersonate me. Yes, I agree that it would've been funny to have him do the interview, probably funnier than me even. But come on, did you really think I was NOT going to eventually figure out what was going on? Dude, we're talking blog buzz and publicity here. You're playing on my turf.

9:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Having somebody spoof you and PULL IT OFF would have brought you so much more clout.

10:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

douchebag of the week fo' sho'.

2:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious you claim "blog buzz and publicity" as your "turf," as if it's somehow related to how easily I conned that radio show.

You act like the Average Joe has heard of you, or like any well-to-do monacle-wearing blogger MUST know who you are, oh great famous Assistant Atlas of

Get over yourself, dumbass. Like the poster above mentioned, it would have brought you MORE clout, if anything, and surely that's what you like the most.

4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whomever is posting these spiteful comments please stop. Why let someone else's blog be so upsetting? You need to let it go. All you're doing is looking like a giant baby who didn't get his way so you're throwing tantrums. Wah wah...

Atlas - keep on blogging your way. Whether it's right or not, this "poser" has dedicated an entire blog entry to you.

Sounds like someone's got a little jealousy issue to work through.

6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1."Self important prick of the week"
2.Acronym Girl - because who gives a shit about any of your opinions about anything. Just bad mouth Hollywood phonies. And be funny about it.

6:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why let someone else's blog be so upsetting? You need to let it go.

Absolutely no one on the forums is interested in this dreck. It's not like I came across this blog and decided "HURR I'm going to fuck with this guy!" He was an arbitrary target; the thing that set things into motion was the producer's comments.

Atlas - keep on blogging your way. Whether it's right or not, this "poser" has dedicated an entire blog entry to you.

Do you seriously think I want to be this guy/girl? Do you think I targeted them specifically for some sort of political reason? I write articles all the time because I actually have readers who enjoy content. A lot of people on SA were curious and wanted to hear a more in-depth story, so I posted an article. So what? Why let someone else's blog be so upsetting. Let it go.

Sounds like someone's got a little jealousy issue to work through.

See above posts. I don't know who this person is and I've never read this site in my life. If your idea of a position worthy of jealousy is a Hollywood assistant then you need to get a grip on the real world.

8:22 PM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

Seriously, this is such a circular argument, so don't lets start. None of us could possibly care less about one another, or one another's blogs, etc., etc. We're all smarter and better writers than the everyone else. We have better senses of humor and fuck hotter bitches. Yay! We all win! Happy now?

12:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are all lames!
i won the internet!

9:57 AM

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