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Friday, September 30, 2005


I think the Santa Ana winds are my personal kryptonite. Not only can I not write as well for work, but I can't write as well for me ole blog, either. Sorry, folks. But is anyone else atop Mulholland with a valley view watching the fire above Burbank?

Because it's friggin' sweet.

Actually, it's horrible and my heart goes out to the poor firefighters protecting the fancy homes that they'll never even think of living in.

Watching a fire from a distance, though, is pretty cool. It keeps changing colors-- going from superheated lava red to bright yellow and back again. It spreads and flares, but in a kind of slow motion, filling the Los Angeles skies with smoke. Right now, the fire's shape is a kind of upside-down V and pushing up the ridge and to the west.