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Monday, September 26, 2005

Chad Michael Splits, Atlas Still Going Strong

Breaking news for the celeb-obsessed: and wife of five months, Michael Murray [oh, that name change looks unfortunate now], have split up! At least, that's what People magazine and Perez Hilton report. I don't read People but you can read Perez's informative post here.

The only thing this really means is trouble for . Their publicity-prodded wedding move to boost is either backfiring or going according to plan. At any rate, I'm betting one of the two could easily depart at the end of this, its third season. Working together will grow increasingly difficult, so I'd bet that by the end of the fourth, at the very latest, we'll see the departure of at least one of them. Chad probably has the starmuscle to push Sophia off, but he may just use this as his excuse to leave one of the WB's only relatively-young [season-wise] hits to jump full-time into film. And that would totally screw the WB.

Which means that I'm officially all for it. Go, Chad, go into film. I could get you $3 mil/picture and you wouldn't even have to act with Paris Hilton. And no more either. Muah-hahahahaha! Take that, WB!

I'm not normally a celeb-humping gossip site, but I can't resist when it's my avatar.
My avatar.
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